It is proposed that as a result of mask-wearing the focus on the eyes is driving the trend for eye-enhancement treatments.

Dermatologist Tess Mauricio, agrees. “We are seeing eye-area rejuvenation as one of the top trends in 2021,” she says. “As we are using masks for an indefinite amount of time and our eyes are front and centre when the face is covered, it stands to reason that this area of the face is becoming the main focus.

She recommends two regenerative treatments featuring growth factors for the eye region, noting, “As people look for more natural alternatives to fillers, these regenerative products will become all the rave in 2021.” For example, the Sublimax Eye Opener is a plasma treatment that removes the extra tissue (i.e., loose skin and wrinkles) around the eye area by converting it to a gas, without making any incisions.

Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) utilises your body’s own growth factor serum to create what they call “Plasma Filler,” which can be injected into the hollows beneath the eyes to treat a sunken appearance, dark circles, eye bags, and loose under-eye skin.