Image for Photographic Consent Form – Have you breached the Privacy Act?

Photographic Consent Form – Have you breached the Privacy Act?

April 8, 2021

In today’s clinical environment many of our treatments can create positive changes, and to demonstrate how they have improved our client’s skin or appearance we take before and after photos. These are often taken to provide our clients with evidence of pre, and post-treatment results. However, there is now a legal requirement that your client must sign a Photographic Consent Form which prevents you from being legally reprimanded. This outlines the purpose of these photos and how they will be used. Often these photo’s end up on social media pages but have you ever stop to ask your client if you can share them?

The Privacy Act covers the responsibility of owners and their duty of care to their clients when not only protecting their information but also mentions that that images of individuals or clients or videos are treated as personal information and if you share these you might have breached the 1988 (Privacy Act). What must be made clear is the purpose of why you are collecting these images and if the client has consented.


There are over 50 other documents that we have developed through our lawyers and you can access all of them for a small fee from the APAN website. The issue of private information is also an important consideration. 

New regulations, as well as updates on existing regulations, are constantly being introduced or updated and it is important that you are fully compliant.  Please check the list and make sure your business is up to date with these documents, and ensure you are meeting with your regulatory obligations.

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