Expand your scope of practice

We are delighted to announce that our editor, Dr. Giulia D’Anna who is an exceptional practitioner and educator has released 12 educational study units to help raise the standard of knowledge and improve professional development for a variety of practitioners.

Whether you are a doctor interesting in refining your skills in cosmetic medicine, a dentist wishing to enter the field of cosmetic dentistry, or a cosmetic nurse who wishes to refine your skills in facial injectables, skin rejuvenation, and more, we have an amazing selection of higher-quality education units just for you!

We also have courses on ingredients and skin treatments for skin therapists or medical assistants. There is something for everyone.

Delivered in person by Dr. D’Anna, who is renowned for her innovative techniques and incredible standards, these courses are expertly written and will feature a variety of resources including videos to support your learning journey so that it is both comprehensive as well as a pleasure to undertake. There are several topics to choose from.  Click here to view the complete selection. 

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