Image for New National Regulations for IPL and Laser.

New National Regulations for IPL and Laser.

October 5, 2021

Moving Towards a National Strategy

Over the past few months, we have been extremely busy submitting reports for regulatory updates not just for pigment research, but also with various state departments as they review regulations for IPL and Laser.

NSW Radiation Control ACT 1990

Recently we were requested to provide a submission by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority as they were reviewing and updating the NSW RADIATION CONTROL ACT 1990.  This was an extensive process that allowed us to inform the government on the status of the industry and in particular, the adverse injuries that are continuing to be presented to us due to a lack of regulation for both practitioners and devices that are not meeting with the appropriate safety standards.

The exciting news is that we were also asked to include the comprehensive report that we submitted in March 2019 to the TGA, ACCC, ARPANSA, and the Federal Ombudsman for Small Business with regards to the Universal Medical Aesthetics incident.  As some of you may remember, the UMA incident made industry headlines, as over 100 businesses experienced financial losses due to devices that were breaking down and not fit for purpose. It was very disappointing that despite the extensive data and evidence of misconduct that we presented in our report, no authority acted or provided a satisfactory outcome in support of so many business owners who were experiencing severe trauma and business loss.

However, the good news is that we were requested to include this report in our submission as evidence for regulatory consideration.  While we were not able to secure refunds to the businesses that suffered losses, this comprehensive report has found its way to support the need for regulatory change.

Enhealth Undertakes to Review National Strategy

This week we were also contacted by Federal Health who reported to us that the Department of Health and the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly has appointed a Radiation Expert Panel under the authority of enHealth.  The panel is in the final stages of developing a proposed national strategy for radiation which could be a precursor to an inter-governmental agreement.  This is wonderful news as under enHealth we have the potential to introduce regulatory standards for laser and IPL on a federal level that could override the state-by-state positions.  It is worth noting that enHealth has the authority to sign off on regulation. This would substantially improve the reputation of the profession and minimise the ongoing adverse reactions that are plaguing consumers and the industry.

Research Report

Today, I also had an interview with Alex Korenevski who completed a Research Report through the University of Queensland on “Regulation of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment in Queensland”.  This amazing research document uncovered the common risks and injuries associated with IPL and laser burns and the incredible damage they can course, some of which contribute to PERMANENT scarring.

Look out for my interview with Alex in our next YouTube session SOLUTIONS FOR AESTHETICS by APAN – it is very enlightening. This report could not have come at a better time, as we have been given permission to use it towards our regulatory initiatives.  

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