It would appear that COVID has changed consumer habits with an increased interest in cleansing their skin. A global survey conducted by skincare brand CeraVe revealed that 64% of individuals who participated in the survey revealed that skin cleansing has become very important, and they have upgraded their routine. The survey was conducted online across 23 countries and achieved over 10,100 respondents. 64% of the people globally stated that their cleansing routine has changed during the past 12 months. Here are some of the findings of this survey:

· Overwhelmingly, 90% of respondents reported that their daily life had been impacted by changes that affected their skin health both in positive and negative ways, with:

· Two-thirds (64%) of respondents reporting that their cleansing routines had significantly changed compared to their pre-pandemic habits. They stated that they now cleanse with more care and more regularly.

· 19% of women said that their skin health had gotten worse during the pandemic.

· Social media has become one of the main sources for skincare advice as 44% of respondents went online for skincare advice more often in the past year (including women 55% and men 40%).

· 48% of respondents said that they turned to press and online sources for facial cleansing advice, making it the first source of information, followed by word-of-mouth.

· Significantly, 79% agreed that you can end up damaging your skin if you follow the wrong type of advice, with 67% agreeing that skincare advice you find online is not always accurate.

· Inaccurate advice often leads to cleansing misconceptions which can damage the skin barrier. Supported by the following statistics:

· 42% of respondents only use water to cleanse their faces

· 69% of respondents use a mix of hot and warm water to cleanse their faces

· 30% of respondents think that cleansing cannot help maintaining their skin barrier function.