During the recent weeks, we have been contacted by numerous business owners with regards to concerns with the growing frequency of lockdowns, which are creating uncertainty for their future. These concerns are coming from various States – predominantly from NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and even Western Australia and South Australia.

We have also spoken to our solicitors who are confirming that the unrest is now resulting in several organisations introducing petitions pushing for change.  As I discussed last week through a video our own petition through change.org you can find the details here is focusing on the urgent need for alternative solutions to lockdowns. Our lawyers also confirmed that there is currently a class action scheduled to go to the High Court regarding several issues of concern with the way COVID-19 is being handled and the mandates that are promoted.

Whether you support the vaccination initiative or not, one area we can all agree on is that an alternative solution is needed as lockdowns are destroying businesses and are highly detrimental to the economy.  While, when first introduced most business owners were willing to comply, their continued and repeated frequency is creating panic and anxiety for many business owners. As a result, our members are urging us to step up and strongly advocate on their behalf. 


Tanya Davies is being very vocal and making waves in the whole COVID issue and has several members in NSW in support. Tanya is a strong MP voice in the state of NSW for business owners in lockdown.

COVID-19 is now mutating with new variants and the future is looking more and more uncertain. While businesses are given the choice to recommend or mandate their staff to be vaccinated the new Bill introduced recently by NSW (Public Health Amendment (Vaccination Compensation) Bill 2021) is creating a great deal of concern.  Here is just one letter we have received from a business owner:

As CEO of APAN, I believe the attached proposed amendment to current NSW legislation should be of concern.

The NSW government appears to be abrogating liability to workers for mandatory vaccination. In conjunction with their (NSW Govt) pledge that doctors’ liability is waived, it appears that businesses will bear the lifetime financial liability to workers for any deleterious effects under this proposed legislation. There needs to be more transparency and discussion on this topic because it opens a Pandora’s Box of problems, not the least of which is a client suing if they become infected by a worker who is unvaccinated.

Your comments would be welcome”. L.M-W., Director of Clinical Aesthetics.


There is currently a movement happening for change and for a more workable approach to safety, as many businesses are faced with insurmountable challenges.  While APAN is here to support you through various initiatives, we must also face the reality that change is needed.  We wish to alert you to several petitions that you may wish to investigate and support.  The time has come to unite our voices as the continuation of the current approaches will destroy businesses on so many levels. Here are just a few:

PETITION EN2855: Rights for Citizen to Use Alternative Means of Protection.

At the time of writing this report, a petition EN2855 request the Rights for Citizen to Use Alternative Means of Protection was signed by over 54,000. This petition closed on 12th August.  

The Petition

The petition addressed that millions of Australians are extremely concerned about the Federal Government’s push to force hastily approved and poorly tested novel vaccines on the population when adequate long-term safety data is unavailable. It is also of great concern that many notable doctors and medical researchers reporting successful treatment using cheap, safe generic anti-viral drugs appear to be ignored by the government and TGA, due to these generic drugs being of little commercial value and not sponsored by pharmaceutical companies for approval by the TGA.

Petition Request

We, therefore, ask the House to formally request that the TGA assess the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, in the recommended dosages and combination with complementary drugs, based on the peer-reviewed studies and data, and the recommendation of notable Australian medical researchers, such as Professor Thomas Borody and Professor Robert Clancy.


PETITION 3589: Problems with PCR Testing Results.

Another petition to the Queensland Legislative Council will close on 12th September. This one is still open if you wish to add your support toward it, especially if you live in Queensland.