Image for Leading Educators to Join us from Around the World for our next Conference

Leading Educators to Join us from Around the World for our next Conference

March 11, 2021

We are truly blessed to have some amazing industry speakers joining us for the Online APAN Aesthetics Conference in June. This conference is attracting not only people from within Australia but also leading educators from around the world. Here are just three new, exciting, speakers to add to your conference “must-see” list.

Speaker:  MR. Clement Beaumont (Canada)

Topic: The Renaissance of Electrolysis

Time: 30 Minutes

While in the past electrolysis was the only means to achieve permanent hair removal, the advent of light-based technologies such as laser and IPL brought a new era of swift hair removal. Over the past 15 years, IPL and laser because the go-to technology despite the results not being permanent removal, particularly with recurring white hair.

In recent times, we are seeing a comeback of electrolysis popularity, but this time delivered through more sophisticated technology providing not just permanent hair removal but also additional capabilities in aesthetic care.  In this lecture, Mr Clement Beaumont will update you on how electrolysis is being re-introduced into the new era and what you can expect from the new technological advances. 

In this lecture you will learn

  • In the age of technological advancement, why is electrolysis gaining global recognition?
  • What are some of the unique capabilities and treatment outcomes that can be achieved with this modality?
  • How can it be a valuable modality to an aesthetic practice?
  • What are the most important and essential elements of training to achieve safety and efficacy?

Mr. Clement Beaumont is the president and CEO of Dectro International.

A corporation specializing in the concept and manufacture of electrolysis and aesthetic devices since 1978.  As head of research and development, Mr Beaumont is eager to improve permanent hair removal treatments and aesthetic care applications.  As such, he is intimately involved in the conception of the company’s first computerised epilation system, the APILUS, which introduced personalised programs adapted to each body area and stored in a client file for easy access.  Mr Beaumont is a regular attendee and speaker at international conventions where he presents education on electrolysis or the capabilities of new advances in aesthetic technologies.

Topic: Clinical Application of Enzyme Peels for Enhanced Treatment Results.

Speaker Metro-Dora Clifford

Time: 30 Minutes

The popularity of enzymatic peels is constantly on the increase and for good reason as they provide additional benefits to chemical peels, while still delivering amazing skin renewal and effective exfoliation in a more skin-friendly manner.  Fruit and vegetable-based, enzyme peels depending on their origin, come in different chemical composition, strengths and efficacy depending on your treatment objectives. Additionally, they offer antioxidant benefits to support various skincare needs. In this lecture, Metro-Dora Clifford will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • How do enzyme peels work?
  • How they differ and their benefits?
  • Strengths, safety considerations and efficacy
  • Enzyme peels vs acid peels – how to use both successfully.

Metro-Dora Clifford holds several qualifications in aesthetics, business management, science, and education.  She is the principal of a Registered Training Organisation and has over 30 years of experience as an educator to the salon, clinics and cosmetic medical practitioners in achieving optimal results in advanced procedures and technologies.

Speaker: Kelly Forshaw (UK)

Topic: Treating Traumatised Skin Conditions With Medical Cosmetic Tattooing

Time: 30 Minutes

The evolving modality of Cosmetic Tattooing is not just about improving features such as eyebrows, lips and providing a perfect eyeliner. As a constantly involving profession, cosmetic tattooing is far-reaching in providing solutions to traumatised skin and medical conditions allowing practitioners to support a patient’s quality of life through more permanent cosmetic solutions. This lecture will take you into the specialised area of medical cosmetic tattooing with evidence of amazing outcomes that can be achieved through advanced techniques.  In this lecture you will learn:

•        Solutions on how to correct the appearance of Vitiligo.

•        Burns scars – treatment and challenges.

•        The emotional issues and psychological considerations.

•        The importance of correct training for medical cosmetic tattooing.

Kelly Forshaw is a multi-award winning cosmetic tattooist and medical Micropigmentation technician, based in the Uk. Kelly is the founder and director of Medicos London and the Head Medical Trainer at Finishing Touches Group. Kelly is a regular speaker at international conferences including the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Physicians, where she presents educational updates on advances in cosmetic tattooing techniques and how they can provide valuable solutions to a number of aesthetic, skin and medical conditions.  Kelly Forshaw is also a judge at many conferences and events, a podcast creator and a product innovator as well as an exceptional educator.

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