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As an industry body, APAN has invested in several studies and government programs presenting updates on how COVID-19 is impacting mental health in Australia. The studies are revealing alarming statistics indicating that one in five homes are experiencing mental health issues, while the incidents of domestic violence are reaching epidemic proportions.

Going by the formal advice we have received from several organisations and government agencies the predictions are that these statistics are expected to increase in 2022. 

There are many hurting because of job insecurities or job losses and this is contributing to major relationship disruptions in the home, as well as inconsistent performance in the workplace. 

Through consultation with the government, they have strongly recommended that we should encourage every business to implement a mental health or mental hygiene program as a preventative measure. This program will need to be supported by policies and procedures aimed at providing proven measures to help identify potential mental health concerns and address them in a timely manner.

While there are several mental health programs available from numerous websites, many of them are difficult to navigate or are not particularly suited for our business environment. 

APAN, therefore, identified the need to develop its own mental hygiene program that is tailor-made for our specific industry needs and can be implemented easily and effectively. The results have been the APAN Mental Hygiene and Business Support Program. 

The program consists of a kit with a variety of tools to help you immediately introduce it into your business.

Why Mental Hygiene?

The advantage of a mental hygiene program compared to a mental health program is that it is predominantly focused on preventing mental health outbreaks by providing you with tools that can allow you to easily implement time-efficient strategies to strengthen mental health within a workplace, home, or community.

Similarly, with taking care of your hygiene for the purpose of preventing disease and infections, the aim of a mental hygiene program is to introduce simple daily strategies that together, aim to prevent mental disorders and strengthen one capacity for mental and emotional subtility for the better quality of life and productivity.

Through the plasticity of the brain, mental training activities can foster healthy cognitive patterns that are conducive to well-being.


Our intention for putting this program together is to provide our members with much-needed support through a quality, evidence-based approach. 

The aim is to provide businesses with:

  • Simple, easy to implement daily exercises, some may take as little as just one minute
  • Daily activities to reframe the brain to focus on positive objective
  • View oneself as mentally healthy rather than mentally fragile
  • Create a health team atmosphere
  • Build and strengthen personal development
  • Foster personal responsibility
  • Enhance problem solving capabilities
  • Improve productivity
  • Establish effective support structures
  • Provide business owners and management with proven and reliable tools to foster and maintain a happy work environment where the team feel supported.
  • Ultimately, this tool will provide business owners with peace of mind

The kit will include several tools from cards, videos, exercises, templates, referral information for immediate and emergency needs, and access to a mental health coach that is familiar with the program to help provide you with additional support when needed.

The APAN MENTAL HYGIENE AND BUSINESS SUPPORT PROGRAM will be made available for FREE OF CHARGE to all current members, renewed members, and new members.  Alternatively, you can purchase it for $395 from APAN. 


These are turbulent and uncertain times that can breed anxiety however, businesses must remain agile and flexible to change.  If you are a business owner, you will no doubt be required to carry a diverse range of responsibilities to maintain business viability. 

Whether you are working too hard, dealing with the need to implement new strategies, dealing with pressures at home, staff concerns, or even clients who are undergoing challenges, this program will allow you to gain valuable skills to support yourself and others.

We believe that every business has a duty-of-care to have a reliable, scientifically back Mental Hygiene strategy and protocols both as a protective measure and for peace of mind. Now you can access this program FREE with your renewed membership and start 2022 with confidence. Don’t allow unexpected disruptions to sabotage your productivity and your ability to sustain the right mental health atmosphere for continued growth.

If you require further information, please phone APAN 07 5593 0360. Become a member now