Topic:  Using Threads In Conjunction with your current injectables.

Speaker: Rebecca Habersbeger RN

Time: 30 minutes

Today’s consumers are seeking a youthful enhancement of their appearance in a way that is beautifying, but undetectable that a procedure has been performed. The skillful blend of fillers, botulinum injections, and new advanced collagen-stimulating threads can provide an amazing combination of volume-enhancing as well as strengthening the skin’s architecture for a more natural and youthful end-result.  Rebecca Habersbeger is a cosmetic nurse with over 30 years of experience.  She has extensive training and experience and has worked with several companies as an educator in cosmetic medicine. 

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What are mono threads?
  • The capabilities of various techniques and how to combine them for enhanced treatment outcomes
  • How to improve individual features that will best blend and balance the end result
  • Leading technique and the combined approach

Rebecca Habersbeger graduated from Nursing in 1993 and moved into Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, resulting in over 28 years of experience in the industry. She has worked for several Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons throughout Victoria, providing several services to patients. These include cosmetic assessments, Botox® injections, Filler treatments, and Laser Therapy.

Rebecca has also launched several products into the Australian market: Sculptra, Human Collagen, Juvederm, and Mono Threads to name a few. Due to her wealth of experience and expertise, Rebecca has been a trainer with several companies and in many cosmetic products and procedures.

She has a special interest in a “Total Facial Assessment” consultation and approach, resulting in a tailored treatment for your specific aesthetic cosmetic outcomes. Rebecca is also the incredibly proud Mother of her two girls – Isabella and Betsy.

Topic: Heat Shock Proteins Stimulation

Time: 30 minutes

Speaker: Gay Wardle

With so many new technologies based on heat to stimulate collagen production, what are the risks and limitations? 

Can you have too much of a good thing and can excessive exposure to on-going heat-based treatment have an adverse effect or even be counterproductive? New research is identifying risk factors that should be taken into consideration when determining the suitability and frequency of these procedures within a treatment plan.  Gay Wardle is a degree qualified dermal clinician with extensive experience and knowledge in advanced procedures, as well as in light and heat-based technologies. 

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Technologies relevant to heat shock stimulation
  • Understanding how cells react to consistent heat
  • Advantages and risks
  • Defining safe treatment perimeters

Gay Wardle is a qualified dermal clinician with a bachelor’s degree in Dermal Therapies.  She has extensive industry knowledge, both through her on-going academic studies as well as through the consistent application of this knowledge in the practical and clinical environment.  As an educator also in laser, IPL, and other heat-based modalities, she is acutely aware of the many benefits these modalities offer.  However, new research is also alerting to potential risks when applied incorrectly or delivered to an inappropriate candidate.  Constantly expanding her knowledge Gay will present valuable insight into areas of risk that every practitioner will need to be made aware of.

Topic: How to Blend Cosmetic Injectables and Dentistry for predictable beautiful results

Speaker: DR. Giulia D’anna

Time: 30 minutes

As we age the skin loses tone and elasticity, while the internal structure of the face, such as bones, gums and teeth can deteriorate can also extensively contribute to the ageing appearance of the face. As a qualified dentist, cosmetic injector, and dermal therapist Dr D’Anna has in-depth knowledge across three disciplines allowing her to integrate and blend different procedures to achieve amazing treatment results.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Understanding facial framework
  • Structural changes that impact the appearance of ageing
  • Blending dentistry and cosmetic injectable for better functionality and appearance
  • Examples of transformational treatment outcomes

Dr. D’Anna holds a degree qualification as a doctor of dentistry, as well as qualifications in dermal therapies.

She is known as an innovator of new techniques in appearance enhancement where she applies her extensive knowledge in dentistry, cosmetic injectables and dermal therapies to create amazing treatment outcomes through a beautiful blend of all these modalities. Renowned as a skilled educator, Dr D’Anna is also the editor of APJ Journal and is regularly featured for her expert knowledge through various social media platforms and publication.

Topic:  The Evolution of clean, green cosmeceuticals and their role in wellness

Time:  30 minutes

Speaker:  Michelle Reeve

What do people really want from their spa or salon treatments and at-home skin rituals?

Research shows people want treatments that provide a synergistic blend of safe, high-quality results, as well as a wellness experience that goes beyond the superficial. New and exciting advances in clean and green cosmeceuticals allow businesses to provide tailored solutions to meet all these discerning expectations. Michelle Reeve is a passionate educator in high-quality formulations and their effective application within the spa and aesthetic industry. 

In this lecture you will learn:

  • How clean and green formulations hold their own in the cosmeceuticals arena
  • The criteria you’ll need in your toolkit to benchmark clean and green claims
  • What people want from their investment in professional skin treatments in 2021 and beyond 
  • New exciting ingredients in the space of spa wellness and at-home skin rituals that honour the mind, body and soul. 

Michelle Reeve has almost 20 years of experience as a product formulator and educator and is the founder of the successful Waterlily skincare brand that covers not just spa and wellness, but also advanced skincare needs. Over the years she has supported business growth to multiple spas and salons who have gained from her wisdom and knowledge. Her uncompromising approach to safety and efficacy has led her to develop exceptional formulations based only on high quality ingredients that deliver safe and efficacious treatment outcomes, as well as offer the client an amazing sensorial experience.

Topic: Cosmetic Injectables for the lower third of the face.

Time: 30 minutes

Speaker: DR. Giulia D’anna

One more lecture from Dr Giulia D’Anna …

There are many challenges in rejuvenating the lower face as it is the most compromised by gravity and other anatomical factors. For this reason, injectable solutions are often short of being truly effective if they delivered with insufficient knowledge and experience of the lower facial area.

Dr. Giulia D’Anna is a renowned dentist, experienced cosmetic injector, and dermal therapist with unique expertise for dealing with the more challenging cases for facial rejuvenation. 

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Important anatomical considerations
  • Identifying the origin of the problem
  • What is possible?
  • How to time the treatment
  • Skin prep both for before and after the procedure