When customers are busy, pushed for time, and having to battle it out with all the other Christmas shoppers, it’s no surprise that their shopping behaviours change.

Not just moving away from lockdown restrictions, at this time of the year your clients will be less resistant and open to your support and recommendations for gifts.  This is the perfect time to expand your range and think beyond your personal clients to also include appealing products and services to their family, colleagues, and friends. 

Here are a few suggestions to entice their gift-purchasing with you:

Cater for the man in their life

If your traditional client is not a male, there is no reason why you should not be providing retail stock to support the grooming and wellbeing of the man or men in their life.

  • Speak to your supplier and include a Male Only product display.  Face and body products, gym packages, sun protection specifically for men. colognes and aftershaves and don’t forget a high-quality deodorant. 
  • If you provide body treatments, package a body massage with a product pack as an enticing package.
  • And you can always reward the giver.  “Purchase $250 worth of retail stock for the special man/men in your life and we will reward you with a body massage for FREE just for you”.
  • Stage a VIP shopping Night
  • Stage a special shopping evening with pre-packed deals beautifully present with “shopper’s rewards” attached for bring a friend along.
  • Speak to your supplier and provide them with a gift with purchase.
  • Free Christmas wrappings is something that all shoppers appreciate, especially if it is expertly wrapped.
  • Include a special Christmas Card for them to sign.
  • This is the perfect time to sell your special treatment packages.  Discuss with your staff and come up with creative names that are currently on-trend – the Diva package, the Wonder Woman package, Leader of the Pack package or Enhanced Beauty-Flash Treatment Package.  Include makeup, nailcare, nutrition and wellbeing products or services as well as face and body treatments. This is the perfect time for your clients to experience something different that they normally don’t have when visiting your business.

Special body online purchases

Make it easy for those who prefer to purchase online, such as dynamic trio packages to include body wash, exfoliant, and tanning products.  Body lotion, sleep-enhancing products, and a mood-enhancing essential oil. 

Train your staff in companion products sales

With all the stress of getting something for everyone, train your staff to educate clients and promote beyond individual products to effective companion products. For example:

  • Vitamin C serum sold with a sunscreen.
  • Foundation teamed with an appropriate moisturiser that can be mixed to create a dewier finish, longer-lasting hydration and a more natural-looking makeup.
  • Body exfoliant teamed with body tanning product and body moisturiser.
  • Facial cleanser, enzyme peel and facial mask
  • Makeup tutorial – if you sell makeup don’t forget to include a tutorial on the latest summer look. Educate your client as to why skin-nurturing makeup is so important.

Make the process quick and time-efficient

One of the biggest shoppers’ peeves is having to wait in long lines to complete a transaction.  At this time of the year, clients are looking for an efficient and quick end to their transaction, particularly if they’ve still got more Christmas shopping to do. Once they’ve decided what to buy, they’re ready to go and any delay has an impact on their time. At high-stress times of the year, customers can quickly become impatient and intolerant if they must wait, or the team member at the point-of-sale seems slow or inefficient.

Train your staff in the quickest and most efficient way of processing a sale in a way that is professional and friendly and leaves the client with a positive feeling. Make sure your team members keep these two key points in mind:

  • Be efficient and personal
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Your team need to be quick when they’re processing a sale, but they also need to be thorough.
  • Prep your team with key questions to ask customers to ensure they have everything they need. Don’t use terms such as, “Can I help you”. It doesn’t work. It’s always followed by, “No thanks, I’m good”. Change your question to “how can I help you with some gift ideas?” and you have a nice open question that will get your clients to open-up and chat about extending their purchases.
  • Train them to also supervise their client with purchasing options not just completing a treatment.
  • Contact your clients and appoint to them an “shopper’s guide expert” session to help them identify the best value and make their shopping experience rewarding, cost effective without compromising on quality purchases.

Front desk speed sales

It is amazing but having an enticing product at your front desk to pop into your client’s bag of purchases can help increase sales.  Use simple, but useful and inexpensive items that your client can quickly decide to add to their purchases.  These could be lip-glosses, hand creams, a nutrient to prevent hangovers – anything that is very useful and practical.   

As they say, preparation is the most important element of successful trading.

Happy Christmas planning!