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Facebook Changes and how they affect you!

May 16, 2021

If you have recently noticed that you are not viewing as many posts from APAN as before, there is a reason for this. We want to guide you to fix this as there are several changes that have happened and are continuing to happen in 2021.  Here is some information that we would like to draw to your attention:

On a global scale, in 2021 approximately 1.79 billion people log into Facebook daily, up from about 1.5 billion people at this same time last year. These statistics are forcing Facebook to consider implementing changes that are affecting how often you view posts.

For example, if you have connected with a Facebook group or page, but do not engage for over a week, you will probably find that the number of notifications from that group or business will start to show up less regularly. This is a result of changes in Facebook’s algorithms. The only way you will be able to consistently view all their posts is to maintain your engagement e.g. “like” a comment or a post.  Even better still, respond with a brief comment. Your engagement will allow you to continue to view activities from that individual, group, or company.  With the current changes, engagement will be a key factor in staying in touch with the information you wish to continue to receive.

Updates to Facebook and what you need to know

You may have also noticed that the face of Facebook has changed in some rather obvious ways from last year’s changes, the new Facebook rules for 2021 won’t be quite as obvious. One notable update to the 2021 algorithm is the prioritising of Group and Event posts. The second noticeable change users will experience is Facebook’s effort to implement hashtag features, although this change is still in beta mode.

These changes seemingly focus on building stronger communities and networks among people that demonstrate a genuine interest to maintain connection and engagement. Businesses and marketers who take note of these Facebook trends will be able to take a front seat in being able to drive more organic campaigns, ideally reaching even more potential clients.

As a busy professional it is important to manage your time efficiently.  While social media is a powerful tool for engagement and accessing information, make sure you eliminate what is not of interest to you, but retain engagement with interesting posts that are of value to you by interacting with comments and responses.  We live in a constantly changing world.  Nothing remains static so it is important that you stay informed and manage congestion of information. This of course, also relates to your email inbox, which can get overloaded over time.

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