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Do you understand the Mechanisms of Pain Management?

August 20, 2021

When working within the deeper layers of the skin, whether performing dermal-needling, cosmetic tattooing, or other procedures that target the dermis, you will in most cases inflict some level of discomfort or pain, and unless you manage pain adequately, your clients will hesitate to undertake further treatments with you or repeat them.  Instead, they may choose to go to a nurse or cosmetic doctor who can provide them not just with results, but also a more comfortable experience.

While there are over-the-counter topical anaesthetics that can be purchased through a chemist, they don’t always provide adequate pain management for all procedures. 

Understanding the chemistry of various pain-management chemicals, their duration, action, and where they metabolise in the body, is invaluable and essential knowledge.  Furthermore, all anaesthetics are drugs. They can penetrate the skin and carry a level of risk as they are considered toxic substances, therefore incorrect application or overuse can be hazardous. 

While each state carries legislative restrictions that determine who can apply topical anaesthetics and their use if you are using them with your treatments, gaining industry-endorsed education will be invaluable to you.

The Safe Use of Topical Anaesthetics is an industry-endorsed program written and delivered by one of Australia’s leading compound pharmacist and educator Chris Testa who is also a senior lecturer at the School of Pharmacy in Griffith University. This course is available for you to complete online and is only available through our website.  

We strongly recommend that all practitioners who require pain management for their clients complete this course. It has been specifically written for cosmetic procedures and covers regulatory considerations.  The course will take you approximately six hours to complete and you will receive a certificate once completed. The knowledge you will gain will enhance your confidence to better manage your clients’ or patients’ pain or discomfort, as well as give you a comprehensive understanding of how the various compounded chemicals work and how to operate safely within your scope of practice.

Check out the link below to determine the amazing learning objectives and to register for this online course.  If you are an APAN member you will also secure an excellent discount. This is a unique course that will be invaluable to your practice and a must for all who deliver treatments that require pain management.

Here is the link:

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