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Congratulations to Lynne Waterford

January 12, 2021

Our first Australian graduate of the PAN001 PANDEMIC INFECTION CONTROL PROGRAM

Owner of Earth-N-Beauty in Coonamble, NSW Lynne Waterford, a registered nurse and APAN member was the first to complete the PAN001 PANDEMIC INFECTION CONTROL PROGRAM with a pass mark of 100%. Congratulations Lynne!

As a registered nurse and because I am continuing to work part-time at the local hospital, I have completed several infection control and COVID-19 courses, including those required of me from the hospital. However, I have to say the PAN001 was on a higher level to any other course I had completed, and I learned so much from it. I felt the pathophysiology was excellent and I gained further insight into the behaviour of pandemics. The course was very comprehensive, evidence based, thorough and well-worth investing in it. I truly believe completing this course will help strengthen my reputation and I know that my clients will also appreciate it.

I also believe the pledge to the safety charter will also help provide greater recognition and peace of mind to my clients. I really believe it will be amazing to gain government recognition of this course. It is something that will immensely benefit the industry, Lynne said.

We are currently in discussions with the Federal Government seeking recognition of this program that will help to minimise the severe lockdown measures for those who have completed this course.

Help APAN fight this battle for you.

Since launching our PAN001: PANDEMIC INFECTION CONTROL PROGRAM, which is also supported by the INTERNATIONAL INFECTION CONTROL CHARTER we have received great support from various professional bodies who having recognised the value of this program are introducing it to their constituents and some even making it a mandatory study unit requirement.  They have expressed their willingness to embrace this unit as a self-regulation program that can create a uniform infection control standard internationally, as well as provide a powerful tool to take to their Government for endorsement and for the purpose of protecting businesses who have completed this course from extensive lockdown measures. 


At this stage we have five countries that have taken it on board.  In Australia, the Australasian Society of Dermal Clinicians (ASDC) are promoting it to their members as it also attracts 10CPD points.

It has also been accepted by the Australasian College of Health and Wellness (ACHW) who had included as a compulsory unit with their Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics) within their 3rd year program. 

The program is currently also been reviewed by the Australian Association of Cosmetic Nurses, which has recently been launched.

We have also been approached by the International Professional Standards Network – an international standards body representing several industries. IPSN have requested to promote it on their website to their international constituents.

We are currently in discussion with the Australian Federal Government to endorse this program as a valuable tool for consumer safety and in supporting business growth. 

The objective of this program is to establish an international evidence-based self-regulation document that is recognised across various jurisdictions globally, validating infection control standards of the highest level and allowing governments to support business to operate without compromising consumer safety.

We understand that in the event of an extensive infection breakout when a Level 4 lockdown is implemented, we will not be able to negotiate.  However, once restrictions are eased to level 3 or level 2,

We are seeking that graduates of this program be treated at the same level as a cosmetic nurse or a cosmetic doctor. 

With COVID-19 taking a turn towards mutation it has never been more important to make sure safety standards are scientifically validated and evidence-based.  As we have had the foresight that this would occur, therefore we invested in a program of the highest integrity. 

We urge the industry to prioritise completing this course. This is a self-regulation program with a clear objective to support business survival, it is not just another course.

We have deliberately kept the cost low to enable as many as possible to undertake the program and allow us to fight for their survival. Please help us to help you, we need to validate to the Government that our industry as well-educated and positions to provide a safe environment to their clients. Please check this link and prioritise to complete the PAN001 PANDEMIC INFECTION CONTROL PROGRAM

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