Last week we introduced to you three amazing speakers, experts in their field who will share their knowledge with you at our upcoming online Aesthetics Conference which will be launched on 28-29th June.

Each week we will be profiling additional speakers for you to review.  Please note this event is highly significant to us and our community and is like no other. This event will present education of the highest standards on a diverse range of topics including regulations, science, business, new modalities, technologies, industry trends, and much more.  The program is Certified as an industry Professional Development Program and delegates will be awarded 10CPD Points as well as their certificate.

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We have for you two new remarkable speakers this week.

TOPIC:  Australian Regulations For IPL and Lasers – An Industry Update

Speaker: Dr. Stephen Newbery – Principal Health Physicist, Department of Health, Tasmania

Time: 30 Minutes

Within our industry, there is so much talk on the need for regulation for Laser and IPL services. While there have been several attempts to achieve regulated mandatory standards, an appropriate outcome has not been achieved. Despite two extensive efforts consisting of several years of two, industry leaders and their groups pursuing the task with the support of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). Meanwhile, the incidents of burns continue to escalate, and industry bodies are once-again pressing for the issue of regulations to be revisited.

Dr. Stephen Newbery was responsible for setting up the Tasmanian regulations. He understands the needs first-hand is the foremost expert in the issue of regulations and radiation health.

In this lecture he will present:

  •  Update on the status for regulation in radiation health.
  •  Clarity on the process.
  •  What course of action the industry must take to minimise risks.
  •   The role of the Tasmanian model and what has been achieved.

Dr. Newbery is the manager of the Radiation Protection Unit, within the Department’s Public Health Service.  He has been involved in the regulation of lasers in medicine, industry, and cosmetic practices since 1993.  In 2012 Tasmania became the first jurisdiction in Australia to regulate the use of Intense Pulse Lights for cosmetic purposes.

Topic: Cosmetic TattooingThe colour principles for successful tattooing outcomes

Speaker: MAJA ERCEJOVAC – Principal trainer and educator

TIME: 30 minutes

The success of a cosmetic tattoo procedures lies not just in the shape, but also in the effective colour that can transform a feature, enhance it, or make it more youthful. However, colour success is not just about colour selection, it is also about the method of application, technique, as well as understanding the condition of the skin as the receptive organ in which the pigment will be introduced.  In this lecture, Maja Ercejovac will share her wealth of knowledge as well as her technical secrets on how to avoid problems in colour selection and stability.

You will learn:

  • Updates on the principals of colour theory as it relates to tattooing
  • Why colour changes in the skin
  • The most common mistakes and misconception when choosing cosmetic tattooing pigments.
  • Techniques for correcting colour changes

Maja Ercejovac is a master expert and trainer in Cosmetic Tattooing and microblading. Her skills and knowledge are renowned globally and she is a regular speaker at international conferences sharing her knowledge on both the theoretical aspect of cosmetic tattooing, infection control measures and updates on cutting-edge techniques.  Maja’s knowledge has also been featured in leading industry publications where she has contributed several chapters on various technical information.

Last week we introduced to you three amazing speakers, experts in their field who will share their knowledge with you at our upcoming Online Aesthetic conference. View them here: