We have great news!

To launch our Conference event, we are thrilled to announce that a government official will be providing the welcoming address. 

Jonty Maree Bush is a member of the Queensland Parliament Legislative Assembly. She has been a member of the Legal Affairs and Safety Committee since November 2020.  In 2010 Jonty accepted a role in the public service with the Department of Justice and Attorney General and additionally was selected as a Council Member in Queensland’s inaugural Sentencing Advisory Council. Until elected to the seat of Cooper in 2020 Jonty remained with the department enjoying a variety of roles including the Director of the Office of the Public Guardian and Director of the Strategic Support Office. Jonty holds a Bachelor of Business as well as a Master’s in criminology from Griffith University.

Jonty is a vibrant, new-generation politician and we are delighted that she will be providing the welcoming and opening address at our Online Aesthetics Conference on the 28th June. 

Find out more about Jonty and the conference at www.apanconf.com