Life continues as we navigate through another lockdown, this time in QLD. 

However, the good news is that as of 12 noon today the 1st of April, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced the lifting of lockdown restrictions. Masks must be worn whenever you are out in public and social distancing must be maintained.

You can view the roadmap here:

In light of the lifting restrictions we understand that the interpretation of this directive with regards to salon visits is as follows:

  • Clients must wear a mask when visiting and after leaving your premises.
  • You and your staff are required to wear one, except when eating when they can be removed and then worn again after eating.
  • Clients having a facial can remove a mask only during the treatment.  At the end of the treatment, they must wear their mask again before leaving.
  • The therapist within the treatment room is required to always wear a mask while performing their treatments.

Wherever possible, social distancing must be maintained. This is the directive as Queensland Health has explained it to us.