APAN has established a strategic alliance with a leading New Zealand body – The New Zealand Board of Professional Skin Therapists.  We are excited about what we can do together. We can’t wait to share resources, support one another and raise the standards of our industry through our respective countries.

We are indeed a global community and sharing our resources and strengthening our industry alliances is something we are very passionate about. At APAN we believe that each country and each organisation has its unique areas of strength and achievements. As industry bodies, we recognize the extensive work that goes into identifying and establishing standards.

Our other strategic alliance is with the International Professional Standards Network, an international body where several countries have come together to map out qualifications benchmarked for recognition across various nations and jurisdictions.  We have been approached to become the Australian representative of this body.  More on this in the next issue of APJ Journal.

It is wonderful to help share these with other like-minded bodies. 

We are delighted that the members of these organisations are truly excited about joining us at our upcoming online conference in June. We can’t wait to collaborate with them. Our aim is to have different countries representatives be apart of this event and represent their nation’s regulations and practices.

If you are an industry body or representative and would love to be apart of the conference we invite you to be a part of this impactful day.

Email us at info@apanetwork.com