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This week we secured nine more speakers for our upcoming Online aesthetics conference.  Here is a preview of just three, but there are many more to come. Please register early to ensure you prepare yourself for the best event of the year. There will be 30 amazing speakers both locally and international experts who will share with you the very latest educational updates.

Topic: Glycation: New Advances in It’s Treatment

Speaker: Jacine Greenwood

Time: 30 Minutes

Skin glycation is not just about cross-linked collagen. In fact, research is uncovering a new understanding of both the origin and treatment options for this condition. Glycation impairs the epidermal barrier from repairing properly, disassembling the dermal matrix, and causing an inflammatory cascade.  Glycation has also been shown to be involved in pigmentary changes, that are unrelated to melanin.

In this lecture Jacine Greenwood-Drummond will present:

  • The new understanding of Glycation.
  • The latest updates on topical cosmetic ingredients available on the market for its treatment.
  • What effects glycation have on the skin’s appearance.
  • The specific targets that need to be addressed with glycation, as new research is revealing a more complex pathway.

Jacine Greenwood-Drummond is the CEO of Roccoco Botanicals and Educated Therapists.  She is a fully qualified Cosmetic Chemist and Beauty Therapist and is internationally recognised as an expert in her field.

Jacine is dedicated to researching ingredients and in particular, natural botanicals for the scientific evidence of their efficacy.  As a result, she has created groundbreaking formulas with exceptional treatment outcomes.

Topic: Security and Cyber Protection

Speaker: Professor Terry Everitt

Time: 30 Minutes

As the reliance on the computerised flow of information continues to increase, so increases the risk to that flow. Many make it easy for sensitive and private information to be hacked by a lack of appropriate administration and security policies around the transfer and handling of information.  It has been said there are two types of organisations: those who know they have been hacked and those who have been hacked but do not know it. Almost, every day there is news about a hacked company, regardless of size. You take on additional responsibilities when handling the health information of your clients. 

In this lecture Professor Everitt will provide valuable insight on:

  • Revelations and statistics from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and ACCC. 

Known for his unwavering commitment to educational excellence, especially in clinical aesthetics and skin science, in this lecture, Professor Terry Everitt moves onto another important and sobering subject, that of security and cyber protection of your clients’ information.

An avid lifelong scholar, Terry holds multiple qualifications. As a result of his extensive contribution to education, in 2019, Terry was conferred as Professor of Aesthetic Sciences – the first ever professorship in aesthetics.


Speaker:  Katherine MCcann

Time: 30 minutes

Cosmetic tattooing now has many tools and techniques that can deliver amazingly beautiful and natural end-results.  This is great news for the artist because it means endless possibilities that will suit a much broader and more astute client demographic than in previous years.  This session will present visual evidence of how small changes can totally transform an ordinary procedure to an extraordinary one.

In this lecture Katherine McCann will present:

Katherine McCann is a highly skilled cosmetic tattooist with a real flare for the extraordinary.  She has a real passion for standards and loves to share her knowledge with others.  Katherine is a regular contributor to educational article on Cosmetic Tattooing in APJ Journal and is also a regulations and standards advisor within APAN.

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