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5 Tips For Pivoting During Covid

July 16, 2021

During COVID the need for flexibility is not a choice – it’s a necessity for survival.

Business owners are required to consider pivotal changes to better position themselves for the future. So, what does that mean to you?

A pivot, by definition, is a central point on which a mechanism can term or oscillate.

When it comes to your business, during difficult times you may need to consider implementing a pivotal strategy by making a few fundamental changes to the way you engage with your client and do business, even if this is only a temporary measure.  The key issue here is to keep them connected to you.  These times are stressful for everyone and reaching out to your clients will be appreciated as you continue to provide them with good advice and support. 

Here are some suggestions for your consideration:

  • Review how you can step up and enhance your online exposure of your products and services. Consider introducing useful product packages that incentivise purchases.  These can be a body care package, stress management package, nutritional package (beauty from within), or a specialised facial package e.g. eye cream combined with an eye mask.
  • Introduce a survey and ask your clients what additional services they would appreciate as you aim to continue to provide them with ongoing support and value – are they interested in body shaping treatments, massage for stress reduction, injectables, nutrition support, weight-loss management etc.  This will help them appreciate you for continuing to evolve and provide them with new options.  It will also help you identify new possibilities in areas that you could expand your business in – areas perhaps you did not consider.  
  • Introduce or expand the content of your blogs providing your clients with greater knowledge of the benefits of your products and treatments.  They may not be able to visit you, but they can find a few moments to read a blog you send them and gain valuable knowledge that will help them better appreciate your services.
  • Always, add something that doesn’t look like you are trying to sell them something. A phone call to just ask how they are doing, just to show you care.  Sometimes these random acts of kindness can be timely and really appreciated.  They can also allow you to demonstrate your kind and good intentions. I think you will find that this one could be the one that keeps them coming back to you the most!
  • Introduce an Instagram Shop to your business and sell off some of that stock you have piled up. If you don’t have stock you can always start with some simple reel’s that showcases you behind the scenes offering and offering coaching and advice. It may be unusual to provide beauty, spa, and health services online, but consider what your clients require while they are unable to see you. Can you advise them on the best items to utilise in between facials? Try to build on a service you already provide, and consider other methods to meet your client’s demands using the same products you have already.

Use these ideas as a springboard to stimulate your own options.  During difficult times we can still sow seeds of compassion and care, attributes that are always valuable, but even more so during challenging times.

Of course, you can always contact APAN if you need to talk to someone.  All conversations at these times are strictly confidential.  We are here to help.

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