With the frequent use of masks during COVID-19, many consumers are experiencing skin irritations and symptoms of Eczema and other skin conditions.

Whilst masks are an important tool in the fight in COVID-19 you may find some of your client’s skin irritated from the material worn around their face. This material can increase friction, temperature, moisture and irritate sensitive areas around the skin. Some masks will also include a glue strip along with the nose and cheek area which can cause irritation. Masks also may include the metal which may be made out of nickel (a common contact allergen) so some people may consider attaching a layer to the inside of the mask.

You may notice redness and dryness at this time with some of your clients where the mask touches the skin and unfortunately, if they have a pre-existing skin condition such as facial eczema, the skin will almost definitely be aggravated by prolonged mask-wearing.

One-in-three individuals in Australia suffer from eczema and this could be a great opportunity to also extend your service to them.

If you are qualified and able to assist, please allow us to promote your services on our Eczema Referral Register.

The Eczema Association of Australasia has allowed APAN to establish a Referral Registration program so that they can direct eczema sufferers and their families to access your services. While they have alliances with dermatologists and other health practitioners, we are delighted that they have approved for APAN to provide them with a list of the skin or dermal therapists to promote.

If you would like to be included on this register for on-going referrals please complete this registration form https://apanetwork.com/eczema-referral-registration/

There is a small, once-only fee of $25 to cover admin costs and this Referral list will be included on the APAN website as well as the EAA (Eczema Association of Australasia) website. This is vital for members of the community and their families so they can access you for your services. One-in-three individuals in Australia suffer from eczema this could be a great opportunity to also extend your service to them.