AS OF TUESDAY 17TH NOVEMBER APAN HAS LAUNCHED A NEW WEBSITE – is a special website designated to salon and clinics located in Victoria.  The website will be supported with a strong plan to direct consumers to salons and clinics that are now fighting for their recovery following a combined period of eight months of lockdown. 

Support from Australia’s leading Multi-Media Agency
We are beyond excited to have secured the support of Austalia’s leading Media/PR and Brand developing company The 6thamAgency.  Under the directorship of Gillian Fish, her senior PR team is undertaking to put together a strong multi-media campaign to promote our special website and alert the public of the urgent need to support salons and clinics in Victoria and help them recover at this critical time.

This morning, I was speaking to our editor Giulia D’Anna in Victoria who told me how saddened she was to see so many businesses trying to sell their equipment because of financial pressures.  “For some, this is the death of a dream, of owning their own business and forging a career in this profession”, Giulia said.

We are coming to the busiest time of the year and consumers are keen to reconnect with products and services to make them feel good, improve their mood and appearance. We want everyone who has not connected with their salon or clinic to prioritise to do so.  As well as those that have never attended salon or clinic to locate one from our website..

If you have a business in Victoria please urgently register your business on Now is the time to do so before the multi-media campaign is launched.  We want you to get new clients as well as alert existing clients to prioritise their support of you and your business. The publicity will be huge!! Get ready with your specials and promotions to capitalise and grow your business.