AS VICTORIA continues to experience the devastating consequences of restrictions, we want to assure you that we are standing with you. Over the past month, Victoria has been our main priority.

We can confirm that we have been extremely busy lobbying the government for action with numerous in-depth discussions with various government officials. Some of these activities include communication with Shadow Attorney General Edward O’Donohue, Shadow Minister of Health and Ambulance Georgie Crozier. We also have submitted several reports to the Victoria Health Minister Jenny Mikakos as well as a submission to the Federal Government.

Living a resilient life is not about avoiding adversity of loss. It is about tapping into our innate ability to adapt, to grow, and to create a life worth living.

At this stage we believe we can create a positive change with a stronger infection control instrument that we are currently working on. This will not only help Victoria, but also benefit other states. So far, we have spent over $20,000 on this program and we will be providing you further information on this initiative very soon.

Yesterday we spoke with Georgie Crozier who confirmed that she will strongly support us in our proposal and will personally communicate with Minister Mikakos. At this stage, it is unsure that further softening of restrictions will occur for Victoria, but our fight continues to ensure a safer and more secure future.

We thank everyone who has petitioned, as these endeavours are helpful to our cause for a breakthrough. Our role as an industry standards body/association is to be strategic in the area of policy with recommendations, proposed programs, as well as providing hard evidence of the valuable and important role that our industry provides to the community.

Please know we are taking your needs very seriously and our activities are consistent, comprehensive and determined to achieve a positive outcome for our industry.