WHILE YOU ARE currently on lockdown, when you eventually return to your business, you will not survive if you just plan to pick up from where you left off.

Both consumer expectations and business operations will need to operate very differently to the past and you will need to be prepared.  You will need to come back STRONGER, WELL-EQUIPPED and with a laser-sharp focus for RAPID GROWTH.

During this shutdown, you have a great opportunity to review and re-evaluate your current services.  Assess, their financial return and viability and determine if there are services that you should eliminate and if there are new ones that you should be adding to increase the speed of your financial recovery.


Another area to evaluate and fine tune is your business’s back end. 

APAN has 42 RESOURCES DOCUMENTS designed to help streamline your operations for enhanced professionalism, as well as regulatory compliance.  Utilising these documents will not only enable you to upgrade your best-practice policies and procedures, but they will also save you valuable time, allowing you to prioritise your time and focus on strategies for rapidly growing your business.  

Our documents have been expertly written by our solicitors as well as HR experts and for a small fee, you can select the documents you need for a fraction of the cost of having them drafted just for you.  Furthermore, several of these documents are required by law to have them in place e.g. HR Policies and Procedures, Workplace agreements, Privacy Policy, your State’s Health Regulations requirements, just to name a few.  Letters of warning for misconduct and dismissal processes must be conducted correctly.  These templates are also available. 

Do you provide injectable services? Please access our Injectable Services Position Statement Kit, it is design to provide you with a strong risk management strategy. You will also need to access the AHPRA Advertising Policy as there are strict requirements on what is permitted and not permitted when advertising injectable services.

Please review the resources order form here.  You will see that they are broken down into four:

  1. STANDARDS Documents
  2. STAFF DOCUMENTS – Staff selection, Hiring and Agreements

Once purchased, these templates can be used repeatedly.  Please review the attached document and select the ones that will best suit you. As you will see the rates are very reasonable as they are intended to support current APAN members.  If you are not a current APAN there is an additional 10% surcharge.  

Click here to download the APAN RESOURCES DOCUMENTS.  You can also phone us to discuss details about each document if you require further clarification, or you can contact us to place your order.
Ph: 07 5593 0360 E: info@apanetwork.com