APAN launches new Pandemic Infection Control Program PAN001

Despite the fact that COVID’s safe plan, policies, and procedures have been implemented by most of the industry, we still have experienced a lockdown in Victoria. Through our negotiations, we have identified that safety protocols required more stringent measures to allow our industry to operate. 

In the upcoming APJ Journal which will be posted to members and subscribers early next week, we present the launch of a new program that we believe will substantially improve our negotiation with state and federal governments to better protect our industry against future lockdowns. You will read all about it in the upcoming journal however, here is a brief outline of what we have developed and its objectives. 

We encourage the industry to carefully review this program and consider being represented within this initiative as it has the potential to provide a breakthrough for our industry that we are looking for.

The PAN001: PANDEMIC INFECTION CONTROL program is a study unit that is part of an industry self-regulatory international initiative and further supportive layer – the International Safety & Infection Control Charter requiring graduates to pledge for the safety of all.

The aims of this program are two-fold: 

  • To create an internationally uniform evidence-based infection control standard of the highest level that sets practitioners apart and establish them as part of an international movement for safety against pandemics.
  • Seek state and federal government recognition, as a highly effective and trustworthy safety measure with the request that graduates be considered with greater leniency and potential exemptions during lockdowns.

In collaboration with APAN, the course was developed by Professor Laurence J Walsh, AO – an authority in immunopathology, who is also an active contributor on various leading panels in the development of infection control standards and regulations.

While there are several infection-control programs currently available this program takes infection control to a much higher level. 

Completing this course will allow you to be part of an international movement for greater safety. You will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by Professor Walsh, a copy of the International Infection Control Charter Pledge that you will need to abide by as well as other documents.


The course covers the pathophysiology of viruses and infections, their behaviour and transmission pathways, as well as information on their mutation.  This course specifically focuses not just on COVID-19 but also on pandemics based on the latest scientifically-supported evidence, protocols, and procedures to equip and empower practitioners with an evidence-based approach to clients and clinical safety.

Join the global movement for a safer world.  Visit https://apanetwork.com/course/pan001-pandemic-infection-control-study-unit/ for further details.  Help us help you. We truly care about your business and your clients. Let’s work together for a safer future. 

 Course Details
  • This course is delivered online.  You should be able to finish it within approximately 10 hours of study and you will have up to six months to complete.
  • There are seven study units.
  • 10 CPD Points
  • COST: $355
  • APAN MEMBERS: $255