As stated in our previous newsletter our lovely CEO Tina Viney was privileged to take part in an online international summit that featured over 17 industry Association leaders. This included 14 Exhibition and Events companies who shared their findings. The event introduced representatives from every continent. The objective was to foster global collaboration, promoting awareness of key issues related to the beauty and aesthetics sector. The aim of the event was to examine ways to support education with a focus in issues such as women’s empowerment, health awareness and self-esteem.

The final program was presented on 23rd October and this included highlights of answers from the various national representatives who shared their findings. The event was concluded with a robust discussion on what the future holds.  Here is a brief snap-shop of some of the common issues that were addressed:

Digitalization of the industry: Most counties spoke of the importance of relying on digital communication as physical distancing was introduced in order to retain communication.  The accelerated move toward e-commerce and digital communication in the new era of COVID consciousness means that both industry bodies, as well as salons and clinics, enhance their skill and knowledge in this space and identify ways to best improve and support their client engagement and business viability.

The events sector stated that although currently online events are the most popular and are meeting the communication gap, their research also reveals that there is still a strong need for business owners and their staff to attend live events where products can be viewed and experienced.  The forecast therefore is that in the near future we will see 80% online events as well as a 20% potential of staging live expos.

  • A move towards a safer world:  This was a huge topic that included the extensive consume shift toward awareness of “safety” as it relates to a much broad scope of reach including:
  • Operational safety in how businesses services are conducted through best-practice principles with a stronger focus on standards and ethics
  • Product development that are ethically sourced through
  • environmentally-conscious means
  • Clean and safe ingredients
  • Safe practices in the way treatments are delivered
  • Mental health considerations within personal services
  • Mental Health Considerations:  The issue of the growing concern in the area of mental health deterioration, anxiety and depression were extensively address.  An interesting development here was that “colour cosmetic” will be designed and created with a focus on supporting mood and provide an instant lift of emotions. Additional fragrances and aromatics will also focus strongly on helping to elevate mood.

Central to all of these approaches, whether they related to professional and community interaction, was the importance of the focus on purpose rather than profit, with special emphasis in safety and wellbeing, as well as the potential inclusion of alternative medicine modalities to be considered for providing additional support.

The issue of creating a global community program among the various industry bodies was raised with clear objectives of sharing resources, ideas and valuable data was addressed and we look forward to the next chapter that may unfold.

Many thanks to The Openstreams Global Beauty Industry Summit – Europe/Asia/Australia/USA for staging such a valuable and successful event, bringing hope and expanding the possibilities for global collaboration towards a stronger and more success full industry.