APJ JOURNAL is respected as the leading educational publication in aesthetics, providing quality support and in-depth articles to help businesses improve their knowledge and their proficiency. 

We are currently working on the spring issue and the focus will be very much on upskilling, elevating your knowledge and staying strong and up-to-date as a leading professional throughout these challenging times.

Skin ingredients will also be very much the focus as we explore how ingredients and new advances in biotechnology are moving centre-stage to rival equipment in the area of the result, or when partnered with them, are able to bring about a new standard of exceptional treatment outcome.  Much of this information is new and it will unpack the most effective ways to stay competitive. 

While the over-the-counter and online products are making headway during the pandemic, professional brands are stepping up their formulations and confidently rivalling these brands.  Look out for this exciting new information in the next issue of APJ.