A new initiative was recently introduced by the Federal Government to keep Australians at work.  Now salons or clinics can apply for JobMaker when hiring staff and can benefit if they meet the eligibility criteria. You can register JobMaker Hiring Credits using the Australian Tax Office online services, the Business Portal, or through your accountant until the program closes.

Where all employer and employee eligibility criteria are met, new employees that are hired until the 6th October 2021 will attract the JobMaker Hiring Credit for up to 12 months from the starting date of their employment.  Claims can be made every three months from 1st February 2021.

Please note that employers cannot receive the JobMaker Hiring Credit and JobKeeper payments at the same time.  If you received a wage subsidy under another Commonwealth program for your employee, you will not be able to claim the JobMaker Hiring Credit for that employee. To check your eligibility visit https://ourcomeback.gov.au/