Are you ready for this incredible resource? With a database of over 2000 quality educational articles, APAN is launching a new hub for education dedicated exclusively to scientific reports and articles. Written by experts, many of which have been featured in APJ Journal and are a part of our extensive educational resource database.

As the industry advances in science and technology, professionals need to be able to access accurate education on research, ingredient science, equipment technology and business strategies in a quick and efficient manner.

Our new educational hub will be launching soon and will provide amazing content that will allow professionals to have access to articles at the touch of a button. With this easy to access the information, you can read any article at your leisure and access quality educational content which will support you in your search for credible and accurate information.  This resource will be of value to:

  • Professionals seeking to stay current on the latest scientific data
  • Assist business owners to research and make informed choices on skincare and technology
  • Access research on a specific ingredient
  • Businesses will be able to gain quality content for their newsletters
  • Correctly answer questions presented to them by their clients
  • Support student learning with information for their assignments, and much more….

The content will be available through a monthly subscription. If you are a current member of APAN you will be able to access this information for free giving you additional value for your membership.  This exciting resource will be launched at the end of September. Get ready to gain a boost in your knowledge.