We would like to welcome new members and thank you for believing in us and entrusting us to defend and support your needs.

Please note that if you have staff you are required by law to have two documents in place:

  • Workplace Agreement
  • HR Manual Agreement

These are legal documents that should be written by a lawyer and mapped against the Fairwork legislation. We have become aware that some of you are wrestling, trying to write your own, however, it is important that these documents are expertly written and meet with the necessary Fairwork requirements. Please also note that if a dispute arises between you and a staff member, Fairwork does not look kindly on those who have not complied with this responsibility.

Please note that you can purchase these and other documents from APAN at a small fee. This will allow you to own them for your on-going use.  Our most expensive document which is 43 pages, is our HR Manual Agreement Template, which is $295.  This document cost $1800 to have it legally written for us.  However, once you purchase it, we recommend you retain the master template for your on-going needs and use a copy for each of your staff members. This document needs to be signed by both the staff member and the business owner and each should retain a copy.

Additional documents available to you include Privacy Policy, Cancellation Policy, Refund Policy, consent forms for IPL/Laser, Skin Needling, Cosmetic Tattooing, Massage therapy, Consent for use of photographing your client as well as others.  There are 48 documents that you can choose from.  You can access Consent forms for just $30 each.

We also have an Injectable Compliance Kit. https://apanetwork.com/resources/resource-documents/ This kit has 4 documents and costs $110, however, members can access this kit for FREE.  If you are working with a nurse injector, or even a doctor, it is important that you have these standards in place, as by introducing a medical person into your business you have several responsibilities and obligations.

Best Practice is about maintain the highest standards of excellence both with regulations and beyond.  Please contact us to access your documents and ensure you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is operating at the highest regulatory and industry standard. We are always here to help you also as matters arise.