WHILE THERE IS SO MUCH INFORMATION around about the coronavirus, we have received several enquiries regarding developing an official CORONAVIRUS – APAN CLINIC SAFETY POLICY that reflects industry standards and Health Department recommendations.  We have therefore developed specific protocols that are compassionate, cautious and pragmatic.

It is important that business owners operate with correct and accurate preventative procedures, but also understand how to address a potential infection incident in a calm, caring and professional manner.

Meanwhile, our industry has been stigmatised with a case of a “beautician” on the Gold Coast who was tested positive for coronavirus after having treated in excess of 30-40 clients.  The incident was featured on national television and Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said the woman had recently returned from Iran where more than 388 confirmed cases were identified and rapidly spreading. While the woman in questions arrived in Australia perfectly well with no signs of illness on Monday, by Thursday she began showing symptoms of coronavirus. All her clients were requested to visit the hospital and be tested. 

It is important that our industry is well-prepared for managing infection risks and so that it will be safe to visit salons and clinics. For this reason, we developed an official industry of Coronavirus APAN Clinical Safety Policy that validates that a salon or clinic is abiding with national standards of safety.  With appropriate and responsible measures, we have a duty-of-care to assist in calming our clients from needless hysteria and fear. Through correct education, you can help create a safe environment for your clients and your staff and help dissipate the current anxiety that exists.


Within the kit you will receive the following:

  1. Comprehensive Q and A presenting valuable educational information.  This information has been provided by various government Health Departments.
  2. Protocol Sheet presenting steps for the business to implement
  3. Effective Infection Control Measures including correct handwashing and appropriate masks and correct mask application and removal.
  4. Additionally, we have included a formal statement that you can use in your business

The purpose of this kit is to make sure you and your staff are fully compliant with the Government and APAN Best Practice recommendations regarding safety measure for the prevention and transmission of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you are a current APAN member you can access the APAN CORONAVIRUS CLINICAL SAFETY POLICY Kit FREE-of-charge, if you would like one send us an email to info@apanetwork.com.  If you are not a member you can purchase the kit for $55.

Additionally, we have printed decals for your window and your front doors with our public statement of your compliance, if you would like a copy of that sticker it is $22 including freight. This fee applies to members and non-members.

MASKS: In terms of industry standards, the N95 Masks are recommended by medical and health authorities as being the best for practitioner-protection of the Coronavirus.

We recommend that you and your staff review the content of the kit and implement the appropriate measures as part of your daily infection prevention protocols.

It is important to note that anxiety and fear can detrimentally impact both health and community morale, not to mention the loss of business.  With these protocols, we can offer our clients peace of mind and help create a safe and supportive environment for them, while dissipating the fear of contamination.

Please contact APAN Ph: 07 5593 0360 or email us info@apanetwork.com with your details to access your kit.  Together we can confirm to the public that they are safe in accessing our services.

This is just one of the benefits of being an APAN Member.  Please consider joining and benefit from the on-going savings, protection and best practice policies www.apanetwork.com.