IF YOU ARE A SALON OR CLINIC that has, or is introducing injectable services to your clients, then there are certain laws that you must abide by.

Injectables are classified as S4 drugs and come under the Drugs and Poisons Act, regardless as to the state you are operating.  As the business owner, you have a professional and regulatory obligation to know the laws that govern administering these substances.  These include:

  • Determining the appropriate qualifications of your practitioners
  • Ensuring correct insurance requirements including vicarious liability
  • TGA compliance requirements
  • Contract agreements
  • Scope of practice
  • Abiding by APHRA advertising regulations when promoting these services.

Through our on-going collaboration with cosmetic medical societies, as well as being part of the 2019 Regulatory review on cosmetic injectables with NSW Health, APAN has developed a REGULATORY AND BEST PRACTICE COMPLIANCE KIT FOR INJECTABLE SERVICES.

This Kit consists of several documents outlining your obligations and the specific areas of compliance that you will be responsible to monitor when introducing a nurse injector to your clients and your business.

As these services fall under strict regulatory law, non-compliance has contributed to several adverse reactions and even death. Additionally, you also have a duty-of-care when referring your clients to another practitioner to ensure their appropriate qualifications and also have a clear understanding of the laws that govern these services.

To access the REGULATORY AND BEST PRACTICE COMPLIANCE KIT FOR INJECTABLE SERVICES contact APAN.  This kit can be purchased from APAN for $110.  However, if you are a member you can access the policy documents for FREE. There is just a small fee for the APHRA document.