With the election now finalised with the Liberal Party back in government, it’s time to get down to business.

We have just finalised a comprehensive submission to Minister of Education Daniel Thomas Tehan requesting support through government funding for business owners to help their staff gain nationally-accredited qualifications in laser and IPL as well as other modalities. As we are all aware these treatments are considered some of the higher risk procedures and gaining government-approved qualifications is one of the surest ways to minimise risk and gain quality treatment outcomes. 

In past years APAN was the only consortium to successfully achieve Government-Funding that support businesses owners to assist their staff to gain qualifications. We were successful in gaining funding with two different funds – the National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF) and the Industry Skills Fund (ISF).  Through both these funds, we were able to secure over $1.7 million dollars all of which went to business owners and their staff, enabling them to complete government approved qualifications through APAN approved Registered Training Organisations. As you are aware these qualifications are quite expensive and government-funded support was most welcome.

Once again, we will pursue funding opportunities to helps support best practice and business growth and we will keep you informed of progress.