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Staff Performance Package

March 28, 2019

Helping you improve your staff’s performance

DO YOU want to help your staff improve their performance?  With the right documentation and support you can streamline this process so that it is effective and professionally presented, while allowing you to operate within regulatory guidelines.

According to FairWork each employer needs to thoroughly investigate why a staff member is underperforming.  By law you are required to conduct a performance review that aims to identify any needs and deficiencies through a collaborative process between the manager and the staff member.

Through a series of questions this investigation process will allow the employee to also provide feedback as to how they believed they have performed against each of their goals that were set for them.  There is also a requirement for the employee’s career goals to be discussed and how they view their future within your business?

Other questions include what support have you agreed to provide to your employee to help them reach their goals?

This phase of the investigation will allow you to approach the needs for their improvement in a way that does not come across as being dictatorial and intimidating for the employee, with the ultimate objective to encourage a collaboration between the manager and the staff member to work together and establish a plan for improved performance.

Once any deficiencies have been identified and a willingness for the staff member to co-operate in improving their performance is agree upon, then the second template will address the plan for Performance Improvement.  This template will include suggested steps for developing a performance improvement plan.

If you are struggling with your staff’s performance, we recommend the STAFF PERFORMANCE PACKAGE which consists of six documents, two of which are templates that you can repeatedly use with different staff members.  This package is available from APAN and can be purchased for $165.  The STAFF PERFORMANCE PACKAGE also includes an in-depth consultation with an APAN consultant together with the owner or staff manager.  This process only takes approximately 20-minutes, but it will help you identify how to get the most from these documents and from your staff’s performance. 

To order a STAFF PERFORMANCE PACKAGE please phone APAN on 07 55930360 or email:

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