THE RISE OF SOCIAL MEDIA has created an opportunity for businesses to expand and grow. However, as social media continues to develop, employers need to be aware of the impacts social media can have on all stages of employment, including harassment and bullying, reduction in productivity and reputational damage of the employer when comments are posted by employees.

It is therefore important for employers to take proactive steps to help minimise the risk of social media use by employees, including having a social media policy.


Pointon Partners has created a Social Media Policy for you to implement into your business that defines what is an acceptable use of social media in an employment relationship. Without such a policy in place, you may not be in a position to discipline employees who misuse social media in a way that adversely affects your business.

APAN is acutely aware of the challenges and heartaches that many businesses experience when staff grievances are aired on social media for all to see.  This is progressively becoming a regular phenomenon as many consider Facebook and other platforms an acceptable platform to vent their frustrations.

With the new defamation laws on Social Media and the need for protection of intellectual property, senior partner from Pointon Partner Lawyers, Michael Bishop recently presented at the PMU Conference a legal update that all practitioners and business owners should be made aware of. 

To assist business further, Pointon Partner Lawyers have recently finalised a SOCIAL MEDIAL POLICY that all business owners are recommended to have in place for their staff and to become familiar with the updates on the legal status of behaviour within the social media space.

The SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY has now become part of the APAN standards position recommending that all business owners incorporate this policy as part of best practice. 

The policy clearly defines the expected staff conduct both within, as well as outside of work hours relating to any comments that may be considered inappropriate or may impact the staff’s role or the business generally, with disciplinary action as the business sees fit. 

It also covers public comment, bullying, and harassment, conflict of interest, confidentially, security risks and reporting.

This Social Media Policy has been legally prepared by Pointon Partner Lawyers and endorsed by APAN as part of best practice requirements.  The cost is $595, however, contact APAN to qualify for the special introductory price of $396.  Phone 07 5593 0360 or email with your contact details.  This document is a must for all business owners and their staff.