Dear Colleagues and Friends,


RECENTLY, WE HAVE been contacted by several business owners who are experiencing major problems with devices they had purchased from one particular supplier.  Their machines were breaking down, the services were unsatisfactory and consequently, they were losing clients and money due to the fact that their devices were unable to deliver the treatment outcomes that they were intended for.

None of these businesses was members of APAN so they asked us if they were members, could we have prevented this from happening to them? 

The answer is most definitely YES. 

Growing your business takes grit and consistency. If you seem to be in a rut while you’re working on growing your business, try innovating or improving a new area or working on different techniques. — Eva Boyd

In today’s competitive market slick marketing can make a company look competent and efficient, however, while there are credible companies providing products and services in our industry, there are also opportunists that promise but cannot deliver.

APAN has a policy that before recommending an equipment company to any member, the company must meet certain merit criteria:

  • Provide evidence that their devices are quality-assured
  • Provide evidence of comprehensive training
  • Have a refund policy in place
  • Provide efficient and fast service in the event that their devices are malfunctioning. 

While an incident can still occur, at the very least you will be assured that you are dealing with a credible and responsible company that can act swiftly to resolve any issue that may occur.

The role of an industry body/association is to have your back not just on regulatory issues, but also with commercial issues.  We conduct due diligence on a regular basis to ensure we protect our members and as much as possible, mitigate potential headaches. 

As a member, if you are planning to purchase a machine please feel free to contact us for a due diligence check and recommendations.

Please also remember that we offer a comprehensive service for all staffing issues include wages, contracts and support in business development, regulations and staff performance.  You also have access to 43 Best Practice documents to help run your business efficiently and to ensure that you are fully compliant on regulatory requirements.