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Have You Booked Your APAN Mentoring/Coaching Session Yet?

January 17, 2019

APAN continues to grow and at the end of the year we had an overwhelming number of memberships as well as renewals.

By now you would have received your membership kits.  PLEASE take a few minutes to review the documentation within your kit and capitalise on your membership benefits.  Please review our BUSINESS RESOURCE DOCUMENTS – you will find a list in your member’s kit.  These documents will help you substantially improve your business practices, comply with regulatory requirements and achieve best practice.  EVERY BUSINESS should ensure they have this information in place.

An incredible amount of research went into the development of these documents, which are designed to help you achieve regulatory compliance and best practice policies in an easy and cost-effective manner.  It is so easy to gain peace of mind.

Also, please read and sign your Code of Ethics.  It is also highly recommended that you give a copy to your staff and ensure they are also adhering to these standards. 

If you are a Gold Member or Corporate Platinum member you would have also received one or two Coaching/Mentoring Vouchers each, valued at $280.  Please book your session with us.  They usually take approximately 45 minutes to one hour and offer incredible advice in helping your business grow.

The uniqueness of these sessions is that examine three specific areas of your business:

  1.  What you are offering as services and can this be improved or updated?
  2.  Your current marketing practices – we examine how to get the best results. What works and what doesn’t work.
  3. How to gain the best staff engagement.

“My mentoring sessions provided me with invaluable information to run my business more profitably and more efficiently. I achieved an amazing 20% business growth within the first month of implementing the new strategies I learnt.” Lisa Evans, SA

Please access these sessions as they can be an invaluable tool to your business’s success.

Ph: 07 559 30360 and book your session with an industry authority.

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