EVERY ASTUTE BUSINESS today understands that when cash flow is low your clients need a little help to continue to utilise your services.  This is why we are seeing the ever-growing popularity of the “pay now pay later” services.

There are several on the market today, but as we discovered they are not all equal.  In doing our due diligence of the various services we concluded that PAYRIGHT is the company of choice and we now have secured a strategic alliance for the benefit of our members.

What impressed us with PAYRIGHT was the ethical way and customised service they will provide for our members.  We believe there is also a synergy with our values in terms of integrity and customer care.  Additionally, they are an Australian company and they have been in operation for three years.  During that time, PAYRIGHT is growing rapidly and now they have a team of over 50.  We also found their rates very competitive and the feedback from businesses who use them is extremely positive.  The best news is that businesses that utilise their services are experiencing a constant increase in sales.  Here are some advantages of introducing PAYRIGHT to your business:

  • PAYRIGHT enables Aesthetic businesses to grow quickly via two direct opportunities:

INCREASED CONVERSIONS: Businesses have seen an average of *22% increase in sales quotes simply because the merchant has offered Payright.

INCREASE IN UPSELL/PACKAGE SALES:  Businesses have seen that by offering Payright, they have been able to grow each individual sale amount by as much as *30% every time.

(*These figures are based on Payright collected data).

  • PAYRIGHT will supply all the social media, website and hard copy marketing material your business will need to attract and retain quality clients.
  • PAYRIGHT is an always Zero interest provider. Customers do not pay interest ever. (NB: they do pay a couple of small admin fees) but no interest which is a huge saving.
  • PAYRIGHT has a dedicated account management team, and an Australian-based call centre available 24/7. They will always answer the phone and help you and your customers.
  • PAYRIGHT lends up to $5000 and they will pay the merchant the whole amount upfront within 24hrs (NB there is a small merchant service fee that gets held back at settlement).
  • PAYRIGHT is set up to accept applications in several ways. We will train your staff to assist customers through the application process in the clinic – helping them get approval within minutes.
  • PAYRIGHT can also integrate with your website platform for any online shopping cart style purchases. The Payright development team will work with you and your IT team to implement this.
  • PAYRIGHT is a family operated company that has grown consistently but has always held the merchant’s interests firmly at the core of this growth.
  • PAYRIGHT brings over 10 years of experience to the table within this industry, with most of the team working in previous roles servicing clinicians and staff in the Aesthetic, Health and & well-being industry.
  • PAYRIGHT’s major objective is to “make easy happen” and part of this is constantly streamlining processes tailored to directly assist merchants & their clients.

For further information and to introduce this service to your business please contact Chris Truscott – National Sales Manager – PAYRIGHT E: Chris.truscott@payright.com.au Ph. 0432 622 363 or sign up online https://www.payright.com.au/im-a-business/sign-up/