Dear Colleagues and Members,

IT IS SO TRUE that whatever you focus on is what will eventually define you and influence how your life unfolds.

We live in an age where daily we are confronted with challenges.  Staffing problems, competition, the rising cost of living, juggling work and family life …. and the list goes on.

In my life I realise that challenges are not about to go away, so I need to stop complaining about them and focus my attention in another direction – challenging my limitations in dealing with them.  In other words, focus on strengthening my ability to not just cope, but to actually overcome them. To achieve this, I need to regularly examine the effectiveness of my current survival strategies.

Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

Examining how well I am managing, or not managing life is an essential requirement if I am to maintain my wellbeing and strengthen my capacity to survive and grow personally and professionally.  I need to review my diet, my exercise, the quality of my sleep, the extent of my rest and relaxation, managing my thought-life and letting go of judgement and resentment of what I am not happy with.  Stress is here to stay, so I need to make peace with it and not let it phase me.

This weekend, I did another inventory and discovered that I was slipping in some areas, so I re-evaluated what I needed to do to get back on track.  Life’s challenges still await me. My “to do” list is quite extensive, but I am ready to face this week with greater optimism and confidence. I have added an additional three hours of sleep to my weekend and increase my magnesium from one capsule to two and it made all the difference.  I gave myself permission to take time out to listen to the birds that frequently perch in our back yard and pause to enjoy their song… it was so therapeutic. 

I soon realise that life is good.  Just looking around I identified so many things in my life I can be grateful for, and if you check carefully, you will discover they are there also in your life. 

Let’s manage our life well.