Daniela Boerma is a highly compassionate beauty therapist and owner of Bliss Day Spa in Caringbah, Sydney.  She is passionate not just about servicing her clients, but also allowing her skills and talent to give back to those in need and help make this world a better place.  This has driven her to establish a worthy cause called – The Bliss Project.

As we know cancer effects an enormous amount of men and women world-wide.  The after effects of radiation treatment can be difficult and one of the side effects is the permanent radiation markers that have been tattooed to the treatment area. 

“While some are happy to wear these markets proudly as a reminder of their strength, on the other hand many of our clients that have finished radiation treatment have expressed interest in the removal of these tattoos, as on a daily basis they are reminded of the stress and pain they have gone through,” says Daniela.

“It is these individuals that we want to offer help to and as a result, THE BLISS PROJECT was established.

The objective of THE BLISS PROJECT is to bring on-board as many salons and clinics Australia-wide to provide their services free-of-charge to cancer patients to remove these markers and help restore a sense of comfort and relief to these brave individuals.

“I ask you all to join me in The Bliss Project,” Daniela pleads.

 “With their doctor’s approval, let’s remove the ink together and make it a national project and a wonderful and caring way of giving back.

“If you would like to join us in THE BLISS PROJECT all you need to do is email your salon or clinic name, address and phone number to info@blissdayspa.com.au and you will be added to the list that will be distributed to the appropriate departments that support cancer patients.

“Please, share this information and start your salon initiative in being part of THE BLISS PROJECT, and together, let’s remove the ink”, Daniela said.