June 4, 2019

HAVING JUST COMPLETED our Gold Coast Conference I have to say that while I was feeling totally exhausted, at the end I felt quite exhilarated.  The event was a great success, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. 

This year we jumped from six lectures to 16 lectures, plus my introduction. The volume and diverse educational topics were so welcomed by everyone as they were able to gain incredible value from a more comprehensive conference program that expanded over many themes. 

New discoveries on microbiota were covered with a great deal of depth from two different speakers – Dr Meder, who addressed The Role of Microbiota in Dermatosis and Naturopath Nicky Wood, presented the latest scientific findings on How Gut Health Impacts the Mind, Skin and Body.

The latest cancer research and the role of epigenetics were presented through a compelling lecture presented by Professor Derek Richards, while skincare ingredients with epigenetic benefits were presented by Lynette Rouse.  Professor Laurence Walsh, as well as Metro-Dora Clifford, covered excellent educational and practical information on laser and IPL physics and treatment perimeters for gaining leading results with various skin conditions.

While this is just a brief snapshot of key topics, a full report on the conference will be featured in the upcoming winter issue of APJ Journal, however, suffice to say that this was a highly successful event.  With this program done-and-dusted we are now hard-at-work preparing for another phenomenal conference in Melbourne that will be held on Monday 12th August at the Grand Hyatt.  Please consider registering while the early-birds special is still current

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