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March/April Newsletter Report

April 12, 2018
Tina Viney

Tina Viney | CEO of APAN – Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Statistically speaking, April is usually a turning point when businesses start to pick up financially. We are right behind you to provide you with valuable information to ensure you gain the most up-to-date knowledge and information and make this year exceptional one.

At this stage we have several exciting news to announce.  First, our new website is up so please check it out.  The new framework is complete and it will allow us to accommodate new features on an on-going basis, including a Members’ Only section where you can access information and resources that will only be available to you.

At the end of the month we will also be launching our new HOTLINE to make it easier for you to contact us with any needs and concerns you may have.

Look out for the Autumn issue of APJ Journal, which will be posted to you next week.  Check out the complete conference program as well as solid, in-depth educational articles on the latest in scientific advances, business, technology, regulations and a variety of educational topics.  APJ is recognised as the most comprehensive educational tool in the industry. 


This month we have also negotiated a very special deal with BeautyPlus to help you make your services more affordable through an effective easy payment method.  To set this program up requires a set up cost of $395, but as an APAN member BeautyPlus will waver that up-front fee.  For further details click here.  Gain new clients and secure business growth with this easy and affordable payment method.


We are also negotiating with a major bank to make available to you a corporate plan for leasing and lending facilities that will allow you to purchase or rent your equipment at more cost-effective rates. 

Additionally, we are also negotiating excellent rates for credit card services that will allow your business to save thousands of dollars a year in merchant banking fees.  It all adds up and by securing a corporate rate for all our members we can achieve great savings for you.


We are thrilled as our first conference for the year is drawing close.  This year we will feature amazing new extras that will bring a stronger element of vibrancy and fun to all who attend.

You are part of a community of practice, so please support this conference event.  It is designed to provide you with powerful education and quality tools that will allow you to make better professional and business decisions.  Don’t forget to register by the 30th April and secure your early-birds discount.

Check the link and view all the topics and speakers.  We are delighted that Dr Michael Freeman will once again be speaking at our event updating us on new advances in Dermatology.  Dr Freeman is renowned as an incredible educator and a highly reputable dermatologist.  He spoke at the APAN Conference in Brisbane in 2016 and the feedback was incredible.  Everyone requested that we get him back.


If you have not filled out your Staff Awards application form please do it now and get your staff motivated to improve your performance.  It is FREE so please fill out the form now.

Let’s unite together and gain momentum, renew our energy and achieve best practice and business success at a whole new level.

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