Dear Colleagues and Friends,

REFLECTING back on a full year can stir up so many emotions. The reality is that the events of our life are a mixed bag of challenges and blessings. However, events don’t define us, our attitudes do. No-matter what you went through this year you are still standing. And if you examine your heart you would have to agree that you have become a stronger person for not allowing challenges to dishearten you. You stood up, you dusted yourself and moved forward. It is this simple action that ensured that you are not defeated.

Coming to the end of the year is a wonderful time to measure and be grateful for our achievements. Look closely, because they are there. It is also a great time to thank our team and set the tone for great expectations for on-going progress and growth in the new year.

It has been a wonderful and encouraging experience for me to speak to so many of you as we renewed membership and to hear from so many happy people who are grateful with their growth and progress this year. While others have had their struggles, it is heart-warming to also see the dignity in the way they have faces their struggles and still not giving up on hope for a better year next year. We are hear to support you and champion your progress in any way we can.

I am full convinced that 2019 is going to be an amazing year for APAN. Our conference program will feature double the number of speakers giving you extra value and a rewarding educational and resourceful experience that will allow you to take home workable, winning strategies to help ease the way you grow your business and practice.

“Totally fulfilled people are GRATEFUL. They choose to focus on what they have and not what they lack. They understand that many people contribute to the successes they enjoy – family, friends, colleagues and they express their gratitude often and openly.”

The conference will also equip you with new information on what consumers are looking for to ensure that what you are offering is updated, relevant and on-track. This knowledge will liberate you from the doubts and give you the confidence on making choices that will truly work for you.

As business owners and practitioners, we all can benefit from professional networks to motivate us and strengthen our confidence in what we stand for and in being proud of our profession and the quality of care we offer through our services.

Please put these dates in your diary and prioritise to attend one of our events. They are truly worth the investment:

GOLD COAST: Monday 27th May 2019
MELBOURNE: Monday 12th August 2019

Our summer journal will be posted to you on the 3rd January. It is packed with quality article and industry projections. Please make the time to enjoy it and familiarise yourself also with what our suppliers and educators have to offer. Education and knowledge can make life so much sweeter, as it opens up new horizons.

As this will be the last newsletter for 2018, our team join me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and stay safe over the holidays.

Warm regards,
Tina Viney