National Advisory Council

In a constantly changing world that presents both challenges and opportunities APAN places a strong emphasis in developing initiatives that will best serve the professional and business community.

We achieve this by providing leading programs that support skin and age-management professionals in three key areas:

  • Evidence-based Education
  • Regulatory compliance and best-practice standards
  • New advances in technologies and techniques
  • Leading business strategies that support growth in a highly competitive market.

The role of the APAN NATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL (NAC) is to review these initiatives and provide collective counsel based on their wisdom, experience and knowledge. 

Members of this Council are selected based on both their accomplishments, as well as their personal integrity as these must be aligned with APAN’s values and ethics.

In 2023 we are expanding our NAC to include experts in two separate divisions:


We are delighted to introduce our existing and new NAC members as follows:

Academic & Scientific Division

Professor Terry Everitt
Associate Prof. Lorraine Mackenzie
Robert McGowan
Chris Testa

Business Innovation Division

Deb Farnworth-Wood
Gillian Fish
Andre Felix
Julia Malamed
Michael Bishop
John Fergusson
Debbie Lane