National Advisory Council

For a network to be effective it needs to demonstrate leadership and innovation by establishing valuable alliances with other professional institutions, as well as introduce programs and initiatives that will support and further the cause and purpose of the organisation’s mission.

To assist in this task APAN has appointed the APAN NATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL, consisting of some incredible individuals who will review key projects and put forward proposals and recommendations for the consideration of APAN’s MANAGEMENT BOARD. The APAN NATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL consists of the following individuals:

John R. Fergusson

John Fergusson was born in New Zealand and educated in Christchurch and in the USA. He holds qualifications in Nutrition with Donsbach University of Nutrition, Huntington Beach, California, USA and also holds several qualifications in business management. Since 1964 he has lived in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, making frequent visits to Europe and South-East Asia on business and leadership training assignments for a number of organisations. Throughout his career he has held key management positions with several national and multinational organisations in the health or food sector, where he has been involved as a key contributor to the strategic development, marketing and growth of these organisations on the global market. Among his successes have been to see some organisations reaching over 50,000 active distributors/franchisees throughout Australia and New Zealand. John Fergussion is based in Sydney. He can be contacted on 02 9898 0681.

Bill Anton, Bsc.(Hons), PhD, ABAARM, AACNEM

Bill Anton is the Chairman of the AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M) and an A4M board-certified Diplomate of Anti-Ageing Medicine. He has been practising Anti-Ageing Medicine for over 15 years and has assisted in promoting the field of Anti-Ageing Medicine throughout the world. He has been instrumental in establishing a number of serum, urine and saliva hormone test panels and profiles for Integrative, Functional and Anti-Ageing Medicine. Currently, Bill Anton consults as a clinical and nutritional research biochemist for PathLab/Age Diagnostic Laboratories and serves as the current Medical Research Director of LifeSource Anti-Ageing clinics in Melbourne. He is an ESAAM (European Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine) scientific board member and a board member of the International Hormone Society. Formerly, he was a Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Integrative Medicine and the coordinator of the course in Anti-Ageing Medicine at Swinburne University’s, Graduate School of Medicine, Melbourne, Victoria. Bill Anton is based in Melbourne and can be contacted on 03 9813 0439 or email:

Vanessa Kirkham

Vanessa Kirkham is a qualified accountant and a Justice of the Peace and also holds qualifications in aesthetics. She has worked extensively for both health and wellness organisations, as well as for a major accounting firm in Queensland for four years. Vanessa has also served on the Board of several organisations where she has contributed to their strategic planning and development. With over 17 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry, Vanessa brings strong skills in the area of organisational structure and financial control.  Vanessa is based in Queensland and can be contacted on 0412 707 044.

Gill Fish

Gill Fish is the Director and the specialist of the anti-ageing PR agency Brand New Solutions, which specialises in high-end medical, anti-ageing, health and wellness PR. The company has worked with leading medical professional, technologies, products, clinics and associations in its six year of service, delivering credible and cutting-edge content to media across the board on behalf of its clients. Gill’s own career spans 15 years in media management, followed by the establishment of BNS. She is acknowledged and recognised as Australia’s most credible, astute and successful PR professional in the field of anti-ageing and a leader in her field. Gill is based in Sydney and can be contacted on 0400 200 441 or Email:


Terry Everitt

Because of his extensive qualifications and knowledge in the area of aesthetics and standards management, Terry Everitt, who is also on the Journal Advisory Board, has been invited to contribute his expertise also on the APAN NATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL.




Maureen Houssein -Mustafa

Maureen Houssein-Mustafa is the executive Chairperson of the MHM Group Pty Limited and is the founder of the Australasian College Broadway. This College was the first private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to be awarded the NSW Training Provider of the Year (2000) and is a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET). Serviced by over 80 staff the College boast over 900 national and international students across various disciplines. This award winning RTO is respected globally for delivery quality training and assisting students into successful employment outcomes. Maureen’s achievements have been featured in BRW, Australian Financial Review, My Business, Management Today, A Current Affair and Maureen was named one of Dynamic Business Favourite Entrepreneurs in 2009. Maureen has the vision and an innate drive which has seen huge gains in the education of today’s Beauty practitioner, upgrading their skills and investing in their knowledge to optimise business success. Maureen is a vocal and powerful force in ensuring that the qualifications needed to face the technological and medical advances in the Industry are being met and delivering pathways to Higher Education. Maureen is based in Sydney and can be contacted on 02 95718288.

One of APAN’s objectives as an organisation is to be known for its excellence in service and for quality innovations that will support the aesthetic industry in the area of effective networking, information exchange and growth. To ensure that the initiatives and the information it presents to the industry are sound, contemporary, and credible, APAN will be administered through the guidance of its National Advisory Council.