Ms Houssein-Mustafa OAM

APAN CEO Tina Viney & Mareen Houssein-Mustafa celebrating
APAN Corporate Member
Maureen Houssein-Mustafa
awarded Order of Australia Medal

Dynamic, inspirational and highly innovative Maureen Houssein-Mustafa was the proud recepient of the Order of Australia Medal for her contribution to vocational education and for her incredible services to the community. This was a great honour and a first for the beauty and hair industry.

“Government and business leaders have been inspired by this incredible woman,” APAN’s CEO Tina Viney said today. “Her success is based on her integrity, her commitment to excellence and her amazing passion to truly make a difference for the greater good of others. I am so honoured and proud to champion her vision and consider Maureen Houssein-Mustafa a shining example of how commitment when fueled with passion and purpose can change the world we live in.

The Celebration
At a special luncheon hosted in honour of Ms. Houssein-Mustafa’s achievements, the thrilled recipient of the award said, “I am truly humbled by this honour. However, this award really belongs to my staff, family and friends, who have supported me and worked alongside me to achieve all of the goals we have set professionally and within our community in the quest to give back. This is a very proud moment for us all, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who’s been behind me throughout this journey.”

And what a journey it has been. Ms. Houssein-Mustafa established the Australasian College Broadway in 1994 on a paltry $1,600 budget, when she saw firsthand that staff training, and high standards were severely lacking in the Australian Beauty Industry.

Based on excellence, which remains the mission for her and her 98+ staff today, the College has grown in leaps and bounds, and is currently valued independently at $30 million.

Over 800 international and domestic students study annually in the state of the art premises in Broadway, and the recent expansion of the property will take this number to in excess of 2,000 students. In 2009, the College was selected as a New South Wales Telstra Business Awards Finalist in the Panasonic Australia Medium Business Award category.

In her professional capacity, Ms. Houssein-Mustafa has been acknowledged by this award for her equal commitment to excellence of quality training in the Vocational Education and Training Sector. Maureen has invested countless hours ensuring that the hair and beauty industry continues to set globally recognised quality benchmarks.

And, as the daughter of a first generation Cypriot Turkish migrant couple, who was born and bred in the tough neighbourhood of Redfern, Sydney, Ms. Houssein-Mustafa has always understood what it’s like to live through tough times. As such, giving back to the community at the College and in her personal life, has always been an unquestionable policy.

To name but a few programs for which the Order of Australia Medal was awarded, Maureen and the College has been involved in assisting NSW Police at Leichhardt Local Area Command, in training, mentoring and assisting in job skills for unemployed youth.

The team has donated scholarships to the ‘SISTER2sister’ program assisting young ‘at risk’ girls in entering the hair and beauty industry. It also donated hair and beauty services to build the self esteem of other girls involved in the program through the ‘Life Changing Experiences Foundation’.

The College has had an ongoing commitment to support ‘Canteen Camps’ and their fundraising Gala Dinners in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

And on a business level, Maureen has been a fundraiser and board member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney for over 10 years.

The Order of Australia Medal has recognised Ms. Houssein-Mustafa’s immense body of work and commitment both to the Industry and the Community in which she lives and works.

The Australasian College Broadway can be contacted on (02) 9571 8288.