APAN Mental Health & Business Program

Uncertainty breeds anxiety and during these turbulent times, businesses must remain agile and flexible to change.  If you are a business owner in this industry, you are often required to carry a diverse range of responsibilities to maintain business viability.  In our industry, the compounded stress is often leading to mental health issues contributing to a reduction in productivity and inability to visualise strategies for sustainability and implement a plan for future growth.  

Our research has confirmed that almost 42% of businesses we surveyed stated that because of the challenges in coping with their stress, they preferred to decrease staff numbers and downsize their business. 

While the Government is making available helplines, APAN believes we can provide a higher level of support by taking an industry-specific focused approach in mental health and business skills development. As a result of ongoing industry feedback, we are launching later this year the MENTAL HEALTH AND BUSINESS PROGRAM.  This is a clinically proven 12-unit program developed by a highly qualified HR and wellness expert who is designing the program to provide a tailored approach in line with our specific industry needs. 

The program will provide mental health and leadership development tools to help business owners gain resilience, enhancing their capacity to view the future with greater optimism, identify options and viable possibilities for sustainability and ongoing growth.  It will also help improve relationships both in the workplace and beyond and enhance productivity as well as effective team collaboration.

Support by several tools including notes, worksheets, videos, and feedback forms the program will enhance skills in preventing mental health issues, mastering stress, self-leadership and accountability, courageous conversations, and more.

Life will continue to have its disruptions, however, focused help is now available, and incredible opportunities are still within your reach if you have the right mindset.  APAN is continuing to lead the way toward quality, results-driven solutions. 

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