Cosmetic Tattoo APAN Registered Practitioner

Amber Hutt | Amber Hutt Aesthetics
Carlisle South, WA

I performs the following services:
Cosmetic Tattooing/Semi Permanent Makeup Services
Brow Enhancement
Eyeliner Enhancement
Dermal Therapies
Hd Brow Specialist/Natural Restoration

Carol Dinis | Brows By Design
Sholl St,
Mandurah WA

I perform the following services:
Cosmetic Tattoo
Corrective Tattoo
Areola repigmentation
Christine Astbury-Egger | Your Beauty Laser & Spa
Hamilton Victoria

I perform the following services:
Eyeliner – Top and Bottom
Eyebrow – Feather Stroke/Powder Look/Combination
Lip Liner
Full Lip Colour

Christine Comans | MediTatt
Shenton Park WA

Medical Tattooist & Trainer
Cosmetic, Medical Tattooist and Trainer. Recreate the most realistic, natural looking nipple areola for women after mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.
Offering post graduate training in 3D nipple areola tattooing
Deanne Carney | Skin Deep Cosmetic & Paramedical Tattoo Clinic
Banora Point NSW

Cosmetic Tattoo
Paramedical Tattoo
3D Nipple Areola
SKINIAL Non Laser Tattoo Removal

Debera Houghton |	Australian Institute of Body Arts
Heatley, Townsville, Queensland

I performs the following services:
Train infection control
Train cosmetic tattooing

Delma Hayne | Etcetera Skin Therapy & Beauty

I perform the following services:
Brow Full Colour, Hair Stroke & shadow, Powder Brow.
Eye Liner
Lip Liner & Full Lip Colour
Aerola Colour & Nipple colour

Dianne Kingsley | Dianne K Cosmetic Tattoo Training
Silverwater, NSW

Dianne Kingsley has been in the beauty Industry for over 30 years.
Tattooing for the past 20 years and teaching cosmetic tattooing for the past 11 years.
Certified Practitioner and Educator :
– Work place Trainer and Assessor TAE 40110
– Training to the level of the Qualification SHBBSK5003 Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattooing
Cosmetic Tattooing Educator with Mask Academy from 2004 – 2014
She performs Treatments and Training in:
– eyebrows / hair strokes or solid
– eyeliner
– lips
– beauty mark
– breast areola
– scars
– needling
– tattoo removal / non laser
Georgina Schembri | Distinctive Features Cosmetic Tattoo and Beauty
Mill Park VIC

Cosmetic Tattoo, TATTOO REMOVAL, Brow Sculpting, Makeup Artistry, Beauty Therapy

Janice Trainer | THink Aesthetics
The Gap, QLD

I perform and instruct as a master cosmetic tattooist of 30+ years experience
Cosmetic tattoo powder and featherstroke brows, eyeliner, full lips, paramedical and scaring camouflage.
Advanced designer brows and eyeliner, 3D nipples and petite tattoos.
Scalp micropigmentation