ARAP Clinician

Hamilton, VIC

IPL Hair Removal & Skin rejuvination
Cosmetic Tattoo
LED Light Therapy
Electrolysis (Hair removal)
Alkaline treatments
Paramedical skin treatments (DMK Enzyme therapy)
Skin peels & skin resurfacing
Laser Genesis
Chermside QLD

I perform the following:
Various types of Laser & IPL treatments for Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation< Vascular lesion, Tattoo Removal and Pigmentation. Co2 Fractional Laser, & Non-ablative skin rejuvenation with Erbium Yag, Nd Yag, Diode & Ruby laser
Radio Frequency, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), All types of Peels for Anti-ageing treatments, Teach & demonstrate to Doctors, Nurses & Therapist how to perform safe & effective laser & IPL treatments. MDA, Cryolipolysis, Clinical Needling, RF Lesion removal non-invasively, Pain Therapy, Nutrition, Skin, Hair & Cell wellness analysis, Micro-pigmentation and Cosmetic tattooing, LSO Courses with various laser education & supervision needed to obtain laser licenses

Topend Liposonics has been highly successful in use advanced technology to help clients move excess weight and tone their bodies.
Technology they use are: Diode laser, Liposonics, Tri-Polar RF, Radiothermoplasty and Thermage.
Program packages are available as usually more than one treatment is necessary.
The most common need is to lose that excess belly fat. This treatment usually lasts about 120 minutes. Uses combined Laser and Ultrasonic.
Those love handles just gotta go. This treatment usually lasts about 120 minutes. Uses combined Laser and Ultrasonic treatment.
The saggy bum. Get it toned up and solid again using our help, the right foods and some exercise. This is great for cellulite in the back of the legs as well. This treatment usually lasts about 120 minutes. Uses combined Laser and Ultrasonic treatment.
If your face has become a little puffy around the eyes, jaws and chin. We can safely dissolve some of the excess fatty tissue giving you a naturally younger look. Uses combined Diode Laser and Ultrasonic treatment.

Topend Liposonics
Glendenning, NSW

I am a skin care clinician performing removal of minor skin lesions and irregularities including:
– small/large skin tags
-solar keratosis
-sebarrhoic keratosis
-treatment of warts
-removal of small cysts and fibromas
-cholesterol deposits
– skin cancer screening from hair to toe using dermatoscope
using the clinical skin clear system and diathermy for the above procedures.

Edgecliff NSW

I perform the following:
3 Carnarvon PRD New Auckland

IPL, Facials, Microdermabrasion, Hydrabrasion, Micro needling, Massage, Pressotherapy, Chemical Peels – Fruit acid, Glycolic, Enzyme, Lactic, Salicylic acid, Trichloroacetic Acid & Jessner’s, Waxing Tinting, Henna, Galvanic, Ultrasonic, Micro current.