THE PATHOGENESIS OF ACNE: Biofilms and the Acne Cytokine Connection

14-15th August 2018 – Sydney

Speaker Jacine Greenwood

Treating acne conditions can be a real challenge, but when you achieve excellent results it is so rewarding, not to mention it boosts your confidence and reputation.

What if you could look at acne and know IMMEDIATELY what you should be doing with 100% certainty?  Here is your chance to learn from a leading expert.  Attend this two-day information-packed workshop and gain incredible knowledge from Jacine Greenwood on how to become an expert in treating acne conditions.

The Pathogenesis of Acne – Biofilms and the Acne Cytokine Connection is the holy grail of acne knowledge and understanding.  This two-day intensive workshop will blast through the roadblocks you have previously experienced when seeking credible results.  You will come away with so much more knowledge on every level, and you will leave truly believing that you are an ACNE EXPERT.

Just look at what you will learn in this intensive two-day workshop:

  • BIOFILMS and the acne cytokine connection
  • IDENTIFY THE COMEDOGENICITY of ingredients that you should avoid
  • COSMETIC ACTIVES – Understanding which actives target which pathways
  • ACNE IN DISGUISE – Understanding the different types of acne
  • OBSTACLES AND CHALLENGES – Learn how to overcome common problems such as dehydration when treating acne
  • THE DOMINO EFFECT – Master cytokines that influence multiple pathways and which ingredients influence this
  • THE COSMETIC NIGHTMARE – Understanding actives that help, hinder and achieve FASTER RESULTS
  • TREATMENT PROTOCOLS – Finally understand what actives you need to be using for success

Besides walking you through the Pillars of Cytokine Influence Jacine will also teach you:

  • How to STOP DEHYDRATION IN ITS TRACKS and how to use BPO successfully without the chronic dehydration.
  • You will learn how to establish AMAZING CREDIBILITY so your clients will always come to you.
  • You will learn how to turn around even your most difficult acne client into RAVING CLIENTS

This education, based on the above pillars of knowledge will help you gain a deeper understanding of the exact cellular responses that occur in the skin. Without this understanding, you are just guessing and each wrong guess will mean your clients will lose TRUST in you.

“To get the right results we must understand how cytokines affect the skin to alter cellular communication so that you can “successfully treat acne”,  Jacine said.


  • Aestheticians
  • Dermal Therapists
  • Cosmetic Nurses
  • Therapists who are passionate about the skin


Master the knowledge that will set you apart as a leading expert in the successful treatment of acne.

Limited places available. Cost will include manual and meals.

Jacine Greenwood


Jacine Greenwood is an internationally recognised educator who is known and respected within the aesthetics industry for her up-to-date knowledge and her ability to deliver training in an easy to understand method.

Jacine holds a Bachelor of Nursing as well as six Diplomas, including a Diploma of Cosmetic Chemistry.  With over 22 years experience in the industry and a background of cosmetic formulation, Jacine has an immense knowledge of current trends in research and new developments in the industry. Passionate about education Jacine is highly committed to her own education in all aspects of skin function and cosmetic chemistry. Her vast knowledge also includes new and current active ingredients that are being released onto the market.


TBA – Sydney


14 and 15th August 2018 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
9:30am – 4:00pm
Meals will be provided



Workbook and Performance Tools will be provided. You will also receive a Professional Development Statement of Attainment.


This is an APAN Certified Professional Development Program.
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