EMS – Suncorp Bank

APAN Strategic Alliance Partner
Suncorp Bank – The Suncorp Bank has given us an excellent corporate rate for our members to access credit card facilities at a reduced interest rate. This is serviced through EMS – Eftpos Merchant Services, in conjunction with the Suncorp Bank, to provide quality service with eftpos and merchant banking needs. Phone 1300 791 114.
In a bid to secure even better merchant banking rates a new agreement has been signed between Suncorp Bank and APAN.

The easier you make it for your customers to pay you the better. That’s why Suncorp Bank has developed a range of payment solutions that make it easier than ever for your clients to do business with you.

Best of all, with Suncorp EFTPOS you’ll get:
  • Daily settlement, seven days a week, into a Suncorp business account, which means you can use your cash the next day. Plus your money can work harder by earning interest sooner.
  • Merchant Service Fees can remain fixed for the term of your contract.
  • Blended rates for Visa/Master Card.
  • Free stationery

Contract term: 4 years

Account start-up fee: $80

Annual Membership Fee: $20

Terminal Rental Fee: $26.00 mobile

Merchant Service Fee: 0.79%

Debit Card Fee: $0.10

Minimum Monthly Fee: $20

Contract Break Fee: $350

Authorised Suncorp Bank representative is Ken Hussey. He can be contacted on 1300 791 114 or email sales@eftposmerchantservices.com.au and quote your membership number.